Future Beyond Brands The Constancy of Human Nature We have an extraordinary opportunity to make profound new emotional connections with customers. The unchanging emotional repertoire of human beings, our shared heritage, ensures that the world of tomorrow will be basically as familiar to us as the world of yesterday. One of my themes is the constancy of human nature. Because to adapt best to a changing world, you have to know what should not change, and you should base that on what cannot change. My contention is that what should not change is whatever we do that connects most powerfully with people. With human nature.

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Nothing enlightening like the incredible Olgilvy on Advertising, this book exists because the author is rich and famous. Paris Hilton could have written this. Feb 17, Amanda rated it it was amazing One of the most inspiring books of my career! May 05, Cecily Robertson rated it really liked it The idea here is wonderful.

People will always love, and Kevin Roberts realizes that having a relationship with consumers is the only way you can really make money. Where you have a consumer in love, you have a "lovemark. The company is more like a caretaker of the lovemark, and the company should always, always The idea here is wonderful. The company is more like a caretaker of the lovemark, and the company should always, always listen to the consumer.

In , Coke changed its formula after blind taste tests and a 4 million dollar investment. People were furious! They were panicking, and individual people were buying a thousand dollars worth of real Coke before it ran out. Coke listened and took the new formula off the market. Those consumers, who were loyal beyond reason, are called Inspirational Consumers. Therefore, you have to defend them. Reward them. It makes them uncomfortable. But the fact is, these consumers are already in control.

They have the power of the internet. So, how do you create lovemarks? Kevin Roberts says a lovemark needs three things: mystery, sensuality, and intimacy. After reading this book, I have a great deal of respect for Roberts and his idea.

I think if marketers adopted the lovemarking strategy the world would be a better place with happier consumers. Here are some great quotes from the book: "Stop racing after every new fad and focus on making consistent, emotional connections with consumers.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. We wrap our imaginations around them. We express ourselves through them.

We make them into what we care about. Without Love, I guarantee even the greatest businesses will topple. They all research the same stuff using the same processes and--not surprisingly--get the same numbers.

But looking at the numbers is not where the game is going to be won. This is where curiosity counts. To find bigger problems to solve.

And then we need research to inspire us to go further and deeper. We need to face a bunch of issues we have avoided so far. What bores them. We need to understand what has meaning and significance for them, not just what they buy and use. What a great discussion on concepts for engaging your audience and creating brands excuse me, lovemarks that last.

Roberts is witty and everything in this book, from his writting style to design layout of each page, was well-thought out and captivating. Originally, I checked this book out from the library. Now, it is one that I will buy as a reference for my own collection. It was definitely not a review of the same old concepts This book was relevant when written and is just as relevant now. Though the ideas may not all be new in life, they are relevant and new to many in the way we have been taught to market.

Sticky-note suggestions at the end of each chapter and case studies at the end of the book provided great closure to the concepts he was suggesting.


Future Beyond Brands

Amamos nuestras experiencias, amamos equipos deportivos, amamos acontecimientos, amamos ideas abstractas como nuestra patria, nuestra ciudad o nuestra causa. Y amamos las cosas. Y nadie nos va a permitir acercarnos hasta ese punto si primero no respeta lo que hacemos y lo que somos. El respeto es uno de los principios fundamentales de las lovemarks. El respeto nace de lo que hacemos. La creciente complejidad de muchos bienes y servicios ha hecho que la simplicidad sea un valor.


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