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No Batteries If you have just purchased the device, it does not include batteries so it is important to put a fresh set of batteries into the device. Often times, batteries are the reason your device will not turn on Nothing Is Printed on Label When you try to print a label, it comes out blank Depleted or Damaged Ink Ribbon If nothing appears on a printed label, then the ink ribbon may be empty or broken.

Remove the tape cassette and check to see if the ink ribbon at its end or if it is damaged. Replace ink ribbon if necessary. Dirty Rubber Transport Roller The rubber transport roller may be dirty. Open your device, and the roller should be directly beneath the ribbon cutter. Use a q-tip and water to carefully clean the roller. Blade Is Dirty There may be glue, dust, or other debris on the cutter blade from previous uses.

Remove the blade housing from the device and use a cotton swab a q-tip works well and a mild solvent common rubbing alcohol works well to carefully clean the blade. Gently remove the ribbon from the roller. Label Printing With Horizontal White Lines When you try to print a label, there are horizontal white lines on the label. Dirty Print Head If your label is distorted by horizontal white lines that print through the text, cleaning parts of the print head may be required.

Damaged or Depleted Tape Cassette If you have cleaned the print head and still encounter an issue with horizontal white lines, it is recommended to replace a new tape cassette. Contrast Settings Vertical lines that appear on the label after printing is not the cassette, but the contrast level on the device.

Follow the instructions in your user manual as to how to increase the contrast level to avoid vertical lines while printing your label. Tape Cassette Is Obstructed or Incorrectly Placed Remove the tape cassette and check for loose objects that could be in the way, such as paper clips, staples, excess label tape, or other debris. Once the area is clear, firmly and precisely replace the the tape cassette so that it is positioned appropriately. Ensure the tape is correctly positioned and carefully replace the tape cassette.

This can cause your tape to get jammed and consequently not allow any label making. You can reposition your tape by opening up your device.

Once you have done so, your labels should start printing. Dirty Keyboard Mat There may be dust or some other debris lodged under the keyboard mat. Remove the mat and gently clean the area inside the device. Then replace the mat.


Dymo Labelpoint 100 Bedienungsanleitung

Labels are back slit for easy removal from the backing tape. Text can be printed horizontally or vertically in a variety of sizes and styles and can be left-justified, rightjustified or centered on the label. Visit our website www. Inserting the adaptor plug disconnects the supply from the batteries. If necessary, turn spool B clockwise to tighten ribbon. A notch in the cassette will fit over the switch when it is set correctly.


Dymo LabelPOINT 100 Instructions For Use Manual

The last label created will remain in memory and displayed when next turned on. Any stored last label settings will also be retained. Note: If the batteries are removed for more than a few seconds, all text and settings will be lost. When power is restored, the display will show a flashing cursor no text and the settings will be full height, standard width text with H and all other settings off. Also use to exit or clear certain function key operations.


Dymo LabelPOINT 100 Manuals



DYMO LabelPoint 100 User Manual


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