It is the owner of the famous biscuit brand Parle-G, which is also known as the perfect tea-companion for Indians. The Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste. They started manufacturing biscuits in After independence, advertisements were launched to project Parle G as an alternative to biscuits made by the British companies.

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Parle Product Strategy: The product strategy and mix in Parle marketing strategy can be explained as follows: Parle brand is one of the most recognized biscuit manufacturing company in India. Though famous for Parle G, Parle products offer various options in other segments and even in the biscuit category. This gives an insight in the Parle marketing mix. Hence all the products of Parle are such that they can be consumed at any point of time and by anyone. In fact, the biscuits offered cater to all kinds of segment be it lower or upper middle class and are available in different product sizes.

In the confectionery segment, the appeal has been universal. This is the backbone pricing strategy of the Parle brand as a part of its marketing mix. The low price of the Parle products along with the promise of high quality helps in fighting the competitors.

Though Parle believes in focusing on quality, it still has been able to manage low cost due to the high volumes of production. It comes in base pack of Rs 2 for biscuits whereas the toffees range from 1 to 2 rupees.

The low pricing strategy of Parle G has enabled it to retain its position as a market leader despite several new biscuit brands coming in the market as its competitors. Parle G focuses on a volume strategy and hence keeping its prices slightly lower helps it to reach out to a huge audience.

With a presence of very strong distribution network, Parle has been able to reach over 6 million retailers all over India. Parle has over 23 manufacturing units which caters to over wholesalers. Apart from that, there are depot agents which further help in expanding the distribution network. Restaurants, hotels and even small dhabas prefer keeping Parle G as the biscuit to be served along with tea or coffee.

The wide distribution and availability of the brand ensures that people keep Parle G as their first preference of biscuit over other brands. Parle brand has always been associated with positive emotions and has incorporated qualities like sharing and caring. Parle was able to connect with the children by sponsoring shows like Shaktimaan where Parle started giving out merchandise for the same. Moreover, it started promotions on a national level scale by fulfilling the dreams of selective children.

Parle has been active when it comes to promotions or tv advertisements. Specifically, to Parle G, the company promoted using the logo of a young girl and later also had an ambassador for the brand. Moreover, all the products have attractive and distinct packaging which attracts the target group. Apart from Parle G, all other products of the company are also promoted extensively with innovative marketing campaigns.

Parle has actively been involved in print and press media. Hence, this concludes the Parle marketing mix. About Parle: From the name Parle, every one of us is reminded of just one thing: the evergreen biscuit, Parle G.

However, this Indian company deals with products other than biscuits. Parle is primarily divided into 3 product categories: Biscuits, Confectionery, Snacks which are available mainly in India. Though this brand is not globally present, it is an undisputed market leader in India established over a period of 80 years. Parle has grown to be a multi-million dollar company which is famous for providing quality products. Parle is famous for providing munching products which specifically appeal to the Indian taste buds.

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Parle G Marketing strategy



Parle G marketing strategy....


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