WhatsApp Advertisement Selecting the right device on which to base your new design can be daunting. Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller becomes an important debate at this point. This may prove to be a limiting factor, depending on the application. They use external memory to provide program and data storage. Another difference is power. In that case, it is very possible a platform-based design approach will be preferred.

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Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller March 19, By Himanshu Choudhary The term microprocessor and microcontrolle r have always been confused with each other. Both of them have been designed for real time application. They share many common features and at the same time they have significant differences.

They are available in different version starting from 6 pin to as high as 80 to pins or even higher depending on the features. A system designer has to add them externally to make them functional. But this is not the case with Microcontrollers. At times it is also termed as a mini computer or a computer on a single chip.

Today different manufacturers produce microcontrollers with a wide range of features available in different versions.

Microcontrollers are designed to perform specific tasks. Specific means applications where the relationship of input and output is defined.

Depending on the input, some processing needs to be done and output is delivered. For example, keyboards, mouse, washing machine, digicam, pendrive, remote, microwave, cars, bikes, telephone, mobiles, watches, etc.

This in turn reduces the size and the cost. Microprocessor find applications where tasks are unspecific like developing software, games, websites, photo editing, creating documents etc. In such cases the relationship between input and output is not defined. The clock speed of the Microprocessor is quite high as compared to the microcontroller. Read more about what is microcontroller. Comparing microcontroller and microprocessor in terms of cost is not justified. Undoubtedly a microcontroller is far cheaper than a microprocessor.

However microcontroller cannot be used in place of microprocessor and using a microprocessor is not advised in place of a microcontroller as it makes the application quite costly.

Microprocessor cannot be used stand alone.

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Microcontroller vs Microprocessor


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