Click For More Water Mist Systems Water based systems include low pressure water mist, high pressure water mist, medium velocity spray systems and high velocity spray systems. Click For More Oxygen Reduction Systems Oxygen reduction systems reduce and maintain the oxygen concentration in a protected space to the point where flame cannot take hold yet human occupancy is possible. Click For More Gaseous Suppression Systems Gaseous suppression systems are used as total flood systems to protect enclosures housing high valued irreplaceable assets or critical infrastructure where system downtime must be kept to a minimum. Owing to their ability to rapidly suppress fire without the water damage traditionally associated with sprinkler discharges, gas suppression systems are also known as clean agent systems. Systems generally consist of cylinder s of pressursized suppression agent connected to a reticulated pipe network with discharge nozzles located throughout the risk.

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Johnson Controls is committed to the health and safety of all employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve. Systems can be designed to protect enclosures with both natural ventilation and forced airflow. Our Hydrostatic testing service provides, where possible, a Service Exchange of containers to maintain protection and reduce downtime of your fire protection system. The new Z panel allows for single and multi-hazard applications, with a unique color-touch screen display.

The hybrid capabilities of the panel allows for conventional or addressable detection, suitable for retrofit and new installations. At LPG we are dedicated to applying innovative new technologies to provide specific fire protection solutions for industrial and commercial environments. With over 20 years of experience in specialised fire suppression technologies, we provide expert support and guidance on the most suitable gaseous extinguishing agents appropriate to the risk. Offering an extensive range of gaseous fire protection solutions specifically developed to protect the risks in your environment.

Commercial Fire Protection Commercial spaces and places of critical infrastructure such as offices, data server rooms, and data storage facilities have specific risks and challenges when it comes to fire protection. LPG has a comprehensive range of fire and safety solutions to suit the specialist needs of each individual hazard. Read about LPG fire protection solutions for Marine applications. Fire Protection in Spaces for Public Use LPG has a complete range of gaseous fire suppression solutions which play a crucial role in protecting assets and systems that keep Local and Central Government functioning and hospital infrastructure protected.

We provide a wide range of solutions that are designed to protect public spaces and places of historical interest such as libraries and museums. Visit our Youtube page About Us Fire Suppression Products, a business unit of Johnson Controls, is a global leader in pure-play fire protection products. The business is dedicated to advancing fire safety by finding innovative ways to safeguard property and help protect people where they live and work.

LPG Products.



Fer System commonly uses carbon dioxide as extinguishing agent, however, clean agent halocarbon may be used. Our Vision Our fm is to be a leading provider of quality solutions for Special Hazards fire risks across all major industry sectors in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Systems are generally used to protect normally unoccupied generator rooms, ship board machineries rooms, flammable stores, transformers etc. Alcohol resistant foams contain a polymer that forms a protective layer between the burning surface and the foam, preventing foam breakdown by alcohols in the burning fuel.




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