Arashishura Sastra Caksusa seeing through the eyes of scriptures. Shrimat-pavo-nidhi-niketana chakra-pane bhogindra-bhoga-mani-rajita punya-murte yogisha shashvata sharanya bhavabdhi-pota lakshmi-nrisimha mama dehi karavalambam Lord, Your form is all beautiful because you are the master of the goddess of fortune. Sign Up or Sign In. O Madhusudana, Vishvarupa, You are always favorably disposed to the brahmanas. The best remedy for snakebite is nectar, therefore O Lord Shauri, You reside in the ocean of nectar and Your carrier is Garuda the stotfam enemy of snakes.

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They debated on all SAstrams and VedAnta for many days. When MaNDana MiSra was about to be defeated by Adi Sankara, his wife, Ubhaya Bharati, the arbiter of this debate had to decide on who is the winner advised Adi Sankara that a man cannot win over the other unless his wife is also defeated in debate. Bharati was a very learned woman and a very shrewd woman. She asked Sankara a few questions on these subject matters and Sankara, the sanyAsi, could not answer these questions.

The bAla sanyAsi asked for some time and went on a travel via a forest with his SishyAs to reflect on the meanings for those questions. At that time, a local king by the name Amarukan who was at the same forest for hunting purposes suddenly collapsed and died. Adi Sankara recognized this was the opportune moment to get his answers for the questions of Bharati and entered into the body of the dead king through His yoga sakti.

He stayed in the palace and ruled the kingdom. Adi Sankara inside the body of the erstwhile king learnt all that he needed to know on conjugal relationships to answer the questions of Bharati. A month had passed. The ladies of the antaHpuram had a great sense of bliss and the kingdom grew in prosperity many fold. The intelligent ministers of the king surmised that a sadagopan. The servants searched wide and found the body of Adi Sankara in a deep cave and began to burn it. Immediately on hearing the appeal for the protection by Adi Sankara, the Lord appeared before the advaita AcAryan and put down the advancing fire on the limbs of his earnest devotee.

There are 17 Slokams in this KarAvalamba stotram. Adi Sankara does not pray here expressly for the quenching of the fire on his limbs but describes samsAram as a raging wild fire, an impenetrable forest, a fallow well, deep ocean, a poisonous snake and an ensnarling net and prays for release from that fierce samsAram that overpowered Him in many forms and tormented Him.

This stotram is a lilting and moving stotram eulogizing the all powerful Lord Narasimhan, who rushed in a trice to protect Bhakta PrahlAdan at the darbAr one with aihika worldly phalans and understanding of the meanings of this stotram would be beneficial to AstikAs.

This is an auspicious stotram that blesses 4.


Lakshmi Nrusimha karavalamba stotram – లక్ష్మీనృసింహ కరావలంబ స్తోత్రం



Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram with meaning



Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram


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