Fue el escriba de confianza de Osiris, quien invariablemente aceptaba su consejo sobre cualquier asunto. Fue acabado en Mide 16 por 13 metros, y hay doce enormes columnas que sujetan los cuatro extremos del templo. Que este dios sea el dios sol Ra o el dios de la muerte Osiris depende de la etapa de la historia que elija cada uno. Cuando los antiguos egipcios orientaron sus templos hacia una serie de estrellas concretas, no estaban trabajando de forma abstracta. Literalmente, estaban invitando a los dioses estelares a participar de forma beneficiosa en su vida en la cierra.

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Fue el escriba de confianza de Osiris, quien invariablemente aceptaba su consejo sobre cualquier asunto. Fue acabado en Mide 16 por 13 metros, y hay doce enormes columnas que sujetan los cuatro extremos del templo.

Que este dios sea el dios sol Ra o el dios de la muerte Osiris depende de la etapa de la historia que elija cada uno. Cuando los antiguos egipcios orientaron sus templos hacia una serie de estrellas concretas, no estaban trabajando de forma abstracta. Literalmente, estaban invitando a los dioses estelares a participar de forma beneficiosa en su vida en la cierra.

One of the great mysteries of ancient Egypt, and still to be seen, is that the Great Pyramid of Giza remains without its pyramidion. Unfortunately, there are no old or modern engravings that tell us what could have happened with this mysterious pyramidion and even know if it ever existed at all. The cradle of the three Pyramids and The Great Sphinx, Gizeh, personifies the mysteries of our remote past.

For many, Gizeh also symbolizes those universal yearnings and that expectation of immemorial times that one day a great discovery will be made that will totally change our perception of who we really are and where we come from. The Great Pyramid, the largest in the entire world. With a weight of six million tons and a height of meters, the statistics of the Great Pyramid are incredible: it took more than two and a half million blocks, each with a weight of two tons on average; the construction is perfectly placed and aligned with the four cardinal points, and all this, according to the Egyptologists, without the use of iron tools, the wheel or even the simple pulley.

As if this were not enough, the builders flaunted their engineering skills by incorporating within the Pyramid a complex system of corridors, tunnels and inclined galleries and cameras. There are three chambers in the Great Pyramid, one underground and two immersed in the superstructure.

The Westcar Papyrus, which bears the name of an English traveler, was discovered in The papyrus itself is dated about BC.

Even its context and content refers to the Pyramid Era and, more specifically, to the reign of Cheops, the supposed builder of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. In addition to his attributes as supreme magician and inventor of sacred science, Thoth was, above all, the messenger of the gods. As such, his word, like his wisdom, was never questioned.

According to Diodorus, a Roman historian who lived in the first century BC: Osiris had Hermes Thot in high esteem due to his wit and ability to agile discernment. Hermes taught men to speak eloquently, gave names to things that did not before, invented letters, and instituted the worship of magicians, invented arithmetic, music, and sculpture, and formulated an astronomy system.

He was the trusted scribe of Osiris, who invariably accepted his advice on any matter. All the dogmas, doctrines, laws, beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, temples, pyramids, tombs, in short, each foundation and building on which rested the pharaonic State and its theocracy, were based on the immutable conviction that the king was united permanently, through his divine lineage, to the distant golden age of the gods, called Zep Tepi, the Primal Time.

The notion of this Primal Time is somewhat complex. As far as the imagination of the Egyptians could reach, it was believed that the Primal Time was truly a historical moment during which the gods had lived on earth, when the life and death of Osiris took place, and when the miraculous birth of Horus instigated the divine lineage of the pharaonic kings dynasty.

It was then that the first Masonic lodge was installed in Egypt. Known as the Lodge of Isis, it was inaugurated by General Kleber, head of the French military occupation. Throughout the nineteenth century, lodges were installed throughout Egypt under the auspices of the central Masonic bodies of Europe, such as the Grand Orient of France or the United Grand Lodge of England. In , the Grand National Lodge of Egypt was founded, boasting of its members the jedive Tewfik Pasha, who had received his Masonic initiation in London.

In , Britain landed its naval fleet in Alexandria, invading Egypt and raising a High Commissioner, having Tewfik in power as if it were a puppet. Since then strange things have happened in the Great Pyramid. Freemason historians have debated extensively about the origin of Freemasonry. There is little doubt that, as an institution, this secret society was born at the beginning of the seventeenth century in England and Scotland.

It is also believed that with the exile of the Stuart monarchy to France and the Netherlands, it took root in the European continent. At first it was an elitist fraternity that particularly interested the aristocracy and the monarchy.

Many British kings, princes and nobles were initiated into the brotherhood and so it has happened to this day. The same happened in Europe, where it was especially important in France and Germany. There are numerous attempts that claim their origin in the ancient mysteries of the Greek and Eastern religions, especially the religion of ancient Egypt and the cult of Osiris. It was finished in It measures 16 by 13 meters, and there are twelve huge columns that hold the four ends of the temple.

Each column, apparently, is a replica of an Egyptian original. One of the oldest and most mysterious Masonic orders was known as the African Architects. It is usually said that von Koppen was the author of a strange work known as the Crata Repoa, which purported to be an authentic reproduction of the initiation rituals carried out inside the Great Pyramid by the priests of ancient Egypt.

The largest and most active is the so-called Masonic Order of Memphis and Misraim, whose headquarters is located in the city of Paris. Perhaps there is no other esoteric organization that harbors and promotes similar beliefs with more fervent spirit and activity than the Edgar Cayce Foundation of the United States. It is also this organization and its outstanding members that have been on the verge of finding a secret chamber under the Sphinx.

And, at the time of writing this, your search continues. There are a smaller number of categories such as business advice and dream interpretations, but by far the next largest category, approximately 20 percent of the total, are interpretations of life. These interpretations were related more to psychological problems than to physical ones. They tried to answer questions that people might have about vocational problems, their purpose in life, and human and couple relationships … Edgar Cayce, the famous American dream prophet, predicted that a camera would be found under the Sphinx; a camera that would contain the recorded history of human civilization.

Three locations are known where the archaeological investigation had indicated of rotund form the possibility of still not discovered cameras. In this channel Gantenbrink was unable to take his robot to the end of the road, as the passage made a sharp turn to the west after ascending more or less in a straight line for 24 meters. All this is very suggestive, since the alleged initiation of Napoleon within the Great Pyramid could be a real fact. The historian of French Freemasonry, Gerard Galtier, points out in his book on Egyptian Freemasonry that a certain Salutore Avventura Zola apparently a relative of the famous French writer, Zola who was in Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Memphis in Alexandria , he claimed: In August , Napoleon and Kleber, although the latter was already a Freemason, were initiated into the rites of Memphis by an older man, aka scholarly in doctrine and manners, who was said to be a descendant of the sages of the Ancient Egypt.

The initiation took place in the Great Pyramid of Cheops and they received, only as an investiture, an aoiljo as a sign of the dignity that Napoleon had conferred upon them, just as KJeber and several officers of his army founded the first lodge of Mentis.

The best known case of Gizeh; the one that surrounded a recruit of the land army, Nigel Appleby, and his merry band of Operation Hermes. With the Appleby affair, as it came to be called, there was a strange twist in the search of the Hall of Records that would have disastrous consequences and that would cause the Supreme Court of His Majesty to open an investigation in London.

Egyptologists and Egyptian authorities have to recognize that the monuments of Gizeh can not be treated like any other building in Egypt.

They are unique, not only in their greatness and architectural precision, but also, and more specifically, in the spiritual power and subliminal effect they have always exerted on people of any kind and condition. In this way, it can be understood why in Masonic ideologies such a role, at least symbolically and at a lower level of thinking, can be attributed to messianic leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte for the French or George Washington for the Americans.

Perhaps it is worth noting that the same hermetic label was assigned to the Queen of Elizabeth I by the English magician John Dee, calling it the Virgin Queen and Astrae, the magical maiden of the stars Virgo , as demonstrated by Frances A.

In the symbolism of the freemasons, one of the most powerful symbols is the so-called bright triangle or pyramid. Whether this god is the sun god Ra or the god of death Osiris depends on the stage of history that each one chooses. When the ancient Egyptians oriented their temples towards a series of concrete stars, they were not working in an abstract way.

Literally, they were inviting the star gods to participate beneficially in their life in the closes. The same idea lies behind the Foundation letters that have survived the medieval period … The designer from Washington wanted this union of the earth and the heavens to remain secret. He knew how mysteries worked. He recognized that it did not matter if someone who lived in the city discovered the meaning of this mystery; it was enough that he had laid a bridge between the material and the spiritual.

He knew that power was born of this connection between the earth and the heavens and that it would continue to beneficially influence the souls of those who lived in the city, even if they did not consciously know where this power came from. His entire city was a mystery, he believed there was no need to explain it. He took it for granted that the one who planned the city should assure that it was well designed on the earth, and that it had a harmonious relationship with the heavens.

A city that is drawn in such a way that it is in harmony with the heavens is a city in permanent prayer. It is a city built on the recognition that all activity is in need of satisfaction from the spiritual world, of which the symbol is the light of the living stars. There is a legend behind this mysterious plan. At first, the Great Pyramid of Cheops had its pyramidion. It was gold and silver, and on each of its four faces a blue Horus eye had been painted. When the sun hit the pyramid, a ray of light that could be seen from miles around was reflected in this blue eye.

When the era of Egypt ended, the priesthood changed the pyramidion and buried it in a secret place. Nobody knows where. But according to this story, one day it will be discovered, and it will be placed again on the top of the pyramid.



In Black Genesis, Bauval and Brophy combined their investigative skills to answeran. All in all, this is not a bad read, just a little hard-going and disappointing. SkipO rated it it was ok May 27, Why do the ancient texts ascribe the Pyramid s design to the supreme god of wisdom Thoth, the writer of the fabled Books of Hermes? Origins of Ancient Egypt in rkbert book Black Genesis and emphasized. Now I have to robedt that I have read a great deal of these type of books that purport an alternate history to what is currently considered as fact ie the timeline of when the pyramids was built. I find these type of books interesting but more often than not the theories are based on half ideas that are fleshed out to become probable but never realised. This is an interview conducted byRed Ice Radio with Robert Bauval on his upcoming book delving into the origins of the Ancient Egyptians.


Bauval Robert - La Camara Secreta.pdf







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