Raw Food Treatment of Cancer by Kristine Nolfi Booklet - 42 pages This book tells of the importance of raw vegetables in the diet of healing and general good health. Nolfi was a physician in Denmark for over 50 years. In Dr. It ought to be the duty of the medical profession in future to find means of preventing to a much higher degree than now, instead of attempting to cure later on. That I, as a physician, went in for exclusively raw vegetable food is due to the fact that I became ill, even seriously ill, myself. I developed cancer of the breast.

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It takes a long time and a great deal of neglect and abuse for cancer to occur. From the first stage of disease to the seventh, cancer, we can talk about many years.

By familiarizing yourself with the seven stages and their warning signals, you can put yourself in the position of knowing where you stand in terms of your health so that you can take charge and take control of the situation. Following, are some of the most revealing and telling statements made by the people in the best possible position to know the real status of the headway being made in the battle against breast cancer. No one knows for sure who is at risk, how to prevent it, or what causes it.

Researchers say it is also disconcerting that the rates have remained so high. Breast cancer, never have so many been given so much conflicting advice and so few definitive solutions. So while they can detect and treat breast cancer, they do not know how to prevent it.

Be very clear on something; these statements were not made casually. The evidence of their accuracy is so overwhelming, that to say anything else would be foolhardy. They are merely stating the obvious. Be assured, they would much prefer not to admit such things but they had no choice. It is so extremely important that you take these comments seriously and place the full measure of importance on them that they deserve. That is the only way you will be moved to take the actions necessary to protect yourself.

The National Cancer Institute receives approximately 1. Radiation and chemotherapy are poisons. They poison and kill both cancer cells and healthy cells.

Plus, these treatments are themselves carcinogenic. In an article in ajournal published by the American Cancer Society, it stated that the increased risk, "should be of great concern to those handling anticancer agents. What about the people having it injected directly into their veins!?

No need for concern there? If a strong, healthy, fit and vibrant woman were to be given intense radiation and chemotherapy, she would quickly become debilitated, devitalized and sick. How then could the same treatment given to one who is already sick be expected to make her well? Where is the reason? The logic? The common-sense? If something will make a well person sick, it will surely make a sick person sicker. How could it possibly be otherwise?

The body never gives up the fight no matter how bad things are, no matter how serious the situation, no matter how long-standing has been the neglect. As long as it is alive, the body strives for homeostasis - balance. Like water in a jar that seeks its own level no matter what position the jar is in, the body seeks to normalize, correct and maintain balance no matter what the circumstances. Even in the face of such long-standing abuse and neglect that cancer finally develops, the body still has the wherewithal to call to arms its last sentinels guarding the integrity of the body: those amazing, cancer-trapping, protective lymph nodes.

And why? For performing the very function they were created and intended to perform! Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be more backwards. Would you allow your bladder to be cut out because of the presence of urine? Would you allow your colon to becut out because of the presence of feces? Would you allow your lungs to be cut out because of the presence of carbon dioxide?

We look back in amazement that our medical ancestors could have been so blind to the dynamics of the body that they would routinely drain blood from the sick. Bleeding patients was a standard, universally accepted practice performed with the idea that as the blood ran out of the body, so would the sickness.

Removing lymph nodes for doing the job they were created to do makes bleeding look like the cornerstone of scientific wisdom. And just where, pray tell, will the waste and cancer cells go when these lymph nodes are removed?

Are you concerned about breast cancer? Are you serious about doing what you can to prevent the pain, anguish and suffering breast cancer can wreak? If your answer is yes, and you are serious, and I mean really serious, then you must do everything you can to keep your lymph system operating at its highest possible efficiency, and some form of regular physical exercise is a major contributing factor in that effort.

Perhaps you are familiar with the term, "diseases of affluence. Throughout the world, wherever there is enough wealth to allow people to move away from the basic needs of existence, the prevalence of these diseases increase.

In the United States, diseases of affluence are rampant. In China, they are either practically nonexistent or notably uncommon. It is not a secret that the more affluent and industrialized the society, the more animal products and refined foods its people consume. We Americans consume sixteen million animals, million eggs, eleven million pounds of fish, and million pounds of dairy products every single day!

The Chinese eat primarily the cleansing foods: vegetables, grains and legumes, some fish and no dairy. Ten times as much! Drinking only fresh juices and eating uncooked fresh fruits and vegetables for three to four days.

The reasoning behind all food being in its natural raw state is quite simple and crucial in terms of preventing breast cancer. The purpose of mono-dieting is two-fold. First, is to use as little energy as possible on digestion so energy can be freed up and directed toward the cleansing and rejuvenation of your lymph system. Second it is to obtain the maximum amount of fuel and nutrients from the food being eaten.

Raw food fulfills these two requirements more than food that has been cooked or otherwise processed. The idea in upgrading your diet is to gradually remove from your diet those foods which have proven to be harmful. All I can tell you is that the fresher food, the closer to nature, the better.

You want to minimize highly-processed, chemicalized, packaged foods, coffees, sodas, refined sugar, etc. The world-renowned biochemist and researcher Dr. Bass, N. Since Dr. I would say that would be the best approach in the diet of a cancer patient. So cancers will spread if you get a lot of sugars. See the Stanley Bass website for more. Quotes from.



She then starts a successful clinic for cancer patients. See www. That I, a physician, began the consumption of exclusively raw fruits and vegetables was a consequence of a personal illness: a case of cancer of the breast. As usual, the illness was preceded by a period of poor nutrition and wrong habits, particularly during my twelve years of hospital training when I suffered constantly from intestinal stasis and gastric catarrh. At one time I was on the verge of dying of a hemorrhage due to a gastric ulcer. At this point I dropped meat and fish from my diet, but not until much later did I begin to eat raw fruits and vegetables, increasing the quantity gradually.


Dr Kristine Nolfi

I went in search of nature, lived for some time on a small island kistine the Kattegat, took sun baths from four to five hours daily, slept in a tent, bathed several times a day, and lived exclusively on a raw vegetable diet. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. To ask other readers questions about Raw Food Treatment of Cancerplease sign up. Kristine Nolfi Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading. Cover may not represent actual copy or condition available.





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