Start your review of Jubal Sackett The Sacketts, 4 Write a review Shelves: This book definitely started off slower than the other Sackett books, but my goodness, what a great book. Jubal Sackett, the quiet son of Barnabas, is a loner, a dreamer, an explorer. Like his father, he has a love for the land. He is not content to stay in the wild frontier of the Carolinas or even the rugged Tennessee valley.

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Following a call, young Jubal Sackett leaves his Virginia home to find his own place in the far blue mountains beyond the Great River. Later, alone, Jubal calamitously breaks his leg, has to lay up in a cave.

But never despairing, he eats leaves and roots, sets snares, drinks hot chicory. Battles a panther by hand. Keokotah returns, nurses him and they push off into the Midwest. Itchakomi at last appears--a kind of Peruvian beauty and quite snooty. All hole up in a cave, with Jubal as chief, to await the passing of winter so that she can return home. But Itchakomi gets eyes for Jubal. After endless pages of flirting, Komi and Jubal marry, and build a fort for the Natchees to move to as their new home.

But now irate Spanish troops show up and the newlyweds also find themselves between warring Pawness and Komantsis. Jubal finally kills Kapata in a hand-to-hand knife fight, and the climax is the appearance of a ferocious, wounded, hairy elephant last of the mastadons. All in all, primer-plain and told at a nice lope, with plenty of lore and authentic flora and fauna, hunting and skinning, bloody fights, and wood-fires for cookouts and reading under the stars.


Jubal Sackett

Background[ edit ] The novels trace much of the history of the family through individual members of the family as they move across the Atlantic from England, settle in the Appalachians, and then move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies, and California. Unlike novels by such writers as James A. Michener , these stories do not trace the rise and fall of the fortunes of a clan or extended family, but simply tie together significant and minor characters in several of the Western novels. There are also Flatland Sacketts that are rarely touched upon in the novels. Orrin was a Sheriff, legislator and eventually senator. Tyrel became a respected rancher and lawman often simply known as the "Mora Gunfighter" after the town he settled in. The main theme that runs through most of the Sackett books is that of loyalty to the family and helping the family when beset by foes.




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