Hypothesis[ edit ] In ancient times, the concept of a subterranean land inside the Earth appeared in mythology , folklore and legends. The idea of a subterranean realm is also mentioned in Tibetan Buddhist belief. The bell tower stands on a mound that is the site of a cave which, according to various myths, is an entrance to a place of purgatory inside the Earth. The cave has been closed since October 25, In the Bengali version of the Hindu epic Ramayana , it has been depicted how Rama and Lakshmana were taken by the king of the underworld Ahiravan , brother of the demon king Ravana. Later on they were rescued by Hanuman.

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There have been rumours for thousands of years that there is something going on deep inside the Earth. Plato, in his Republic wrote of a God who lives inside the Earth who is responsible for our religions. The Hindus have extensive scriptures which describe a subteranean world, while the Tibetans believe that the First Dalai Lama of Tibet received his instructions from the ruler of an Underground Empire who at times would even come out from the Earth and visit the Tibetan monasteries.

There is a strange tale from the turn of the century by a fisherman, Olaf Jansen, who claimed he and his father had sailed into an interior world via a Polar Hole which led into the centre of the Earth. These are all very strange tales and most of them are based on the thinnest of evidence and often originate from mysterious and unreliable sources. However, I began wondering if there could be something solid and real and perhaps even proveable behind this charade.

This was the thought on my mind which started my quest about 5 years ago when I first became seriously interested in the Hollow Earth theory. So much has been written about it so much rubbish too. People told me I was wasting my time and that a The Earth could not possibly be hollow and b there was nothing more to write about the subject because everything had already been written.

However, my quest was serious. I was curious as to whether such a thing could be fact and yet perhaps Governments had chosen, for whatever reason, to keep quiet about it.

Is it possible to lie to a seismologist for example? I decided to conduct my own test as follows. I was going to scour scientific literature to see if scientists knew anything at all which might indicate whether the Earth could be hollow.

So I searched out scientific anomalies to see if they could provide me with an answer. It took me some years of highly intensive research to complete my task and the result is a book of almost pages in length called Hollow Planets.

As I read scientific material and spoke to various scientists the pieces began falling into place. Bit by bit I was able to either dismiss previous erroneous statements or gather new facts and thoughts. As time went by I was stunned by certain astronomical evidence which showed that our understanding of the laws of physics may be incorrect. And some of the possible proofs of this are amazingly simple and perhaps even obvious if one approaches it from the right perspective. For example, why is the weather so hard to predict into the future?

Is it really Chaos theory and the Butterfly Effect or is there a more fundamental problem like two large Polar Holes which suck air into the planet and blow it out according to the changing seasons and weather conditions. Polar holes would mess up those finely tuned calculations and algorithms used by super-computers. Or what of the theory of gravity? Albert Einstein once suggested to one of his students that there must be a link between gravity and electricity.

This is the same Albert Einstein who was responsible for the formula showing the relationship between mass and energy which led to the atom bomb.

Was Einstein a fool? Or was Einstein thinking ahead? To this day almost no serious attempt has been made to look into this link except for Dr. A micro-wave engineer who specializes in Quantum Mechanics told me that there must be a definite link between gravity and electricity. These quakes occur at depths where the Earth is theoretically hot and pliable and where fractures cannot occur. And yet they do occur.

Maybe the Earth is not so hot down there maybe beyond a certain point it cools down and a cool Earth would definitely be a valid explanation for the existence of deep quakes. Piece by piece the whole mechanism of Hollow Planets fell into place and sometimes the answers were breathtaking. At a point I conceived of and drew a seismic model which can compete with the current seismic model.

This is testable. Van Flandern, a professional astronomer, told me that my seismic model alone had made my book worthwhile. Another academic told me it was the most impressive piece of evidence in the entire book.

Currently I am awaiting feedback from geologists who have agreed to take a look at my model and the underlying logic behind it. However, I am looking for as many geologists and seismologists as I can who will indeed look into this. But there was one mystery throughout which was key to me and which I was very curious about and that was the story of these mysterious Polar Holes. Do such things exist?

We built up an impressive and amazing collection of photos. But none of them really showed Polar Holes even though they were amazingly convincing. In the book I explain why I reached that conclusion. There is very convincing meteorological, radio wave and auroral evidence for Polar Holes. And some Polar explorers seem to have wandered very close to them. I also present detailed astronomical evidence of Polar Holes on Mercury and Venus.

On occassion, Polar Holes and their attendant phenomenon have been seen both on Mercury and Venus except that astronomers at the time did not realize the import of what they were seeing. I scoured Arctic literature and in the end found only one area of mystery which led to thoughts of Polar Holes and that is the amazing story of Adm.

Peary, Adm. MacMillan and Crocker Land. This is part too of the bitter North Pole dispute which raged between Adm. Peary and Dr. This rare photograph taken by Cook has mysteriously disappeared from the Library of Congress. It was only published once in one of Dr. Bit by bit, the incredible Crocker Land mystery fell into place and I began to realize that a whole continent exists north of North America.

Yes, earlier this century, the head of the US Geological Survey, wrote an article in the National Geographic citing evidence for a continent lying north of Alaska. But such a place is not marked on maps even though Eskimos say that you can see it on a clear day from Camden and Harrison Bays in Alaska! And Dr. Cook possibly photographed it.

One of these places is Cape Colgate. The vast Crocker Land continent was visible on clear days in June from these places. I even reccount the story of Eskimos who claim to have been there and I tell of the Eskimo legend of the Hole-in-the-sea. Why is this continent not on any map? Or is it that spaceships from other civilisations fly over this area to get into and out of our Hollow Earth?

Well, maybe we should go and find out for ourselves. All it requires is that one hire a plane to fly up to that area.

Crocker Land exists several hundred miles out into the Arctic sea from Ellesmere island. I have been invited back for a show in the near future and I hope to discuss this whole issue of Polar Holes, not only on Earth, but on Venus and Mercury and how this could become a key issue and how some flights up there might help to solve this problem for once and for all.

If this is real, then its proveable. The seismic model is testable and I will be pushing to have it tested by as many scientists around the world as I can. And I will also be encouraging people to find sponsors and to start looking at doing some flights up into the Arctic, a couple of hundred miles out into the Arctic sea from Canada to go in search of Crocker Land, Bradley Land and very possibly the Polar Hole which everyone says does not exist. Well, as I see the evidence, I think they will be proven wrong.

Jan Lamprecht is a consultant in the computer industry in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some years ago he became interested in a very strange old scientific idea first proposed by Sir Edmund Halley - the Hollow Earth Theory. He was fascinated by this bizarre old idea and read through various literature regarding it - most of it being rubbish.

Nevertheless, there was a certain underlying logic to it all, and it was this which he set out to explore. He decided to do his own feasibility study of this old idea using modern-day science as my basis. Is it possible that planets could be hollow and that scientists might have somehow missed it? His 5 year obsession with this idea resulted in his writing a book of almost pages examining every aspect of science imaginable and seeing if any of this might mean that the planets of our Solar System are hollow.


Jan Lamprecht’s Books: Hollow Planets & Government by Deception



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