Despite her awful past and family difficulties, "Daisy St. Patience" continues to be widely successful, and even holds down a relationship with a handsome detective. That is, until everything goes to hell and her entire lower jaw is blown off in a drive-by shooting. Save for her mangled jaw and inability to talk , she is left perfectly intact and carefully drives herself to hospital, only to soon suffer a massive breakdown when she learns birds flew into her car and ate the remains of her face. Soon switching to baby food and starting ventriloquism lessons to learn how to talk again, Daisy quickly adopts a few veils when she meets Brandy Alexander, the large-handed drag queen supreme who is one surgery away from being a "real" woman.

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Plot[ edit ] The narrator of the story is an unnamed disfigured woman who goes by multiple identities, notably Daisy St. Patience and Bubba Joan—identities that were given to her by Brandy Alexander, with whom she spends the majority of the book. The novel opens on the wedding day of Evie Cottrell, whose house is burning to the ground. Brandy, who has been shot by Evie, asks the narrator to tell her life story.

She remembers how she first met Brandy, and the story is told in a non-linear sequence of memories. The narrator is the daughter of a farmer.

Her older brother, Shane, was kicked out of the house for being gay after a test for strep throat revealed itself to be gonorrhea. This attention is a huge source of resentment and hate for the narrator towards her brother.

The narrator sought a career in modeling in attempt to get attention for herself. Her best friend in modeling school is Evelyn "Evie" Cottrell.

While driving down the highway, the narrator is shot in the face and her jaw is ripped off. She immediately drives to the hospital where she recovers, her lower jaw lost and modeling career destroyed. In speech therapy she meets Brandy Alexander, a trans woman. During their sessions, Brandy attempts to teach the narrator how to give herself a new life and a new identity, giving her a new name, Daisy St.

Patience, the first among many new identities given to the narrator. Evie begs the narrator to come live with her. The first night, someone breaks in. The narrator locks Manus in a closet and sets fire to the house. The narrator forces Manus to ingest pills and medication before locking him in the trunk of his own car.

The narrator learns that Brandy Alexander is really her brother, Shane, and that he strives to look like his sister the narrator through surgery. Brandy then leaves with the narrator, now called Daisy, and Manus, now called Seth. They travel the country, and while pretending to be viewing rich homes for sale, steal whatever drugs or medication they can find and alternately ingest and sell them. One day they are viewing a home and it turns out the realtor is the mother of Evie Cottrell.

Her mother reveals that they are marrying Evie off to save themselves trouble, and also discloses that Evie used to be a man, and transitioned at a young age.

The trio attend the wedding. Again the narrator sets fire to the home, and thus we are returned to the opening scene of the novel.

It is revealed that Brandy originally met Evie in a transgender support group. She looks down at Brandy and realizes that she loves her brother. Leaving her pocket book with all of her identification, she tells a sleeping Brandy that since Shane is still confused about what he wants out of life, he can have the only thing she has left, her identity. The novel ends with Shannon leaving the hospital and into the world to find a new start. In the Remix version, it is revealed that Shannon, now going by Daisy St.

Patience full-time, has created a cemetery after her parents have died, in which you can bury relatives you disliked with spiteful sayings carved into the tombstones.

Additionally, Daisy creates a group for disfigured girls called "Elephant Women". In the end, we see her at her wedding, marrying an unidentified man. Characters[ edit ] Narrator, A former fashion model, now disfigured by a mysterious gunshot injury. She goes by many different names throughout the book, most notably Daisy St.

Patience and Bubba-Joan. Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, aka Princess Princess—A transgender woman whom the narrator meets in the hospital shortly after her own mysterious gunshot injury. Brandy encourages Narrator to hide her disfigurement and attempt to live a new lifestyle. He goes by many different names throughout the book.

The Rhea Sisters—Three male drag queens who Brandy describes as being family. They dote on her and pay for all of her surgeries. Invisible Monsters Remix[ edit ] Originally released in paperback in , the first hardcover edition of Invisible Monsters was published on June 11, This edition is a restructured version of the novel, entitled Invisible Monsters Remix.

Instead, this new edition of the novel presents the chapters in mixed order with instructions on which chapter to read next, and new chapters have also been added. The company established a website to help raise support where people can demand the book be made into a movie by submitting their email, name and location online.

Motion City Soundtrack has a bonus track on their album Commit This to Memory titled "Invisible Monsters", in direct reference to the novel.


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