Turn Digital manufacturing saves on traditional tooling. We recommend any deliveries required before Christmas placed week commencing 10th December to allow for carrier delays that are commonplace with all carriers this time of year, especially in combination with the adverse weather. What courier will my item be delivered with? Invensys Mi Series Domestic Controls.

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What is a room thermostat? Turning a room thermostat to a higher setting will not make the room heat up any faster. How quickly the room heats up depends on the design of the heating system, for example, the size of boiler and radiators. Turning a room thermostat to a lower setting will result in the room being controlled at a lower temperature, and saves energy. The heating system will not work if a time switch or programmer has switched it off. The way to set and use your room thermostat is to find the lowest temperature setting that you are comfortable with, and then leave it alone to do its job.

Any adjustment above this setting will waste energy and cost you more money. If your heating system is a boiler with radiators, there will usually be only one room thermostat to control the whole house.

But you can have different temperatures in individual rooms by installing thermostatic radiator valves TRVs on individual radiators. If you do have TRVs, you can choose a slightly higher setting to make sure that even the coldest room is comfortable, then prevent any overheating in other rooms by adjusting the TRVs. Room thermostats need a free flow of air to sense the temperature, so they must not be covered by curtains or blocked by furniture. Nearby electric fires, televisions, wall or table lamps may prevent the thermostat from working properly.

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Honeywell reserves the right to modify this document, product and functionality without notice. This document replaces any previously issued instructions and is only applicable to the product s described. This product has been designed for applications as described within this document. For use outside of the scope as described herein, refer to Honeywell for guidance. Honeywell cannot be held responsible for misapplication of the product s described within this document.


DT200 (2004 - 2008)

Description Questions? Currently there is a yellow in terminal 1 and a blue in terminal 3 I assume this is live and switched live respectively and that the wrong colours were used by whoever wired it? If this is a good replacement which terminal does my yellow go into and which terminal does my blue go into on the DT90E? Likely I will purchase from yourselves :- A: Yes it will. If you have a wire in terminal 2, you will need to isolate it. The neutral and earth wires will not be needed by the new thermostat, so must be isolated.


Wiring on Honeywell T6360 room stat



How to wire Honeywell DT200 Thermostat?



Help Wiring a Honeywell digital thermostat - DT200


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