Finance Project Portfolio Part 1. That is, the acquisition provides the revenue synergies allowing them to raise the quantity and price of the products. Herbalife is leveraging the business, expanding the product lines and technological infrastructure more than ever while Heinz needs the product diversification that enables Heinz to generate premium quality products across the world. Thus, Heinz and Herbalife can have revenue synergies from win-win collaboration. Target Company Overview: Operation Herbalife operates as a global nutrition supplements company.

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How to create an elevator pitch: Novel pitches that sell How to create an elevator pitch: Novel pitches that sell June 28, What is an elevator pitch? The term is standard in marketing. This rule applies in fiction-writing and promotional communication alike. Especially the latter, because while a reader might sit down to read a book leisurely, publishers are busy people who receive many pitches.

To make the elevator pitch for your novel suitably short: Cut out unnecessary phrases, e. Why has the son not spoke to his father in 40 years? Is there an obstacle to their being together? Reference this obstacle clearly in your pitch. It shoud clearly identify your target audience or market The simple truth is that publishers are working in a world where it is increasingly challenging to earn good money without herculean effort.

So reduce the amount of joining the dots publishers have to do because it will make your pitch more appealing. Make your elevator pitch identify your target audience or market and why your story in particular will appeal to it in as few words as possible. Including this shows the editor or small publisher that you have thought consciously about where your book will fit in the crowded market. Mention approximate reading age group and interest categories e.

It should be reducible to a single sentence If you have truly distilled what makes your unique story fantastic and worthy of publication, you should be able to reduce your pitch to a single sentence. This is the kind of information that will be placed on a dustjacket. If you want inspiration on how to write short, powerful summaries of your story ideas, see the collected lists of New York Times bestsellers here, where you can read the blurb for each book.

The above are all important elements of an elevator pitch novel authors can use to gain notice.


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