Very Powerful Conjuration for all days and hours of the Day or Night, being for Treasures hidden by men or Spirits, that the same may be possessed and transported. After these three days, upon the morrow, and at the hour of sunrise, he shall recite the Seven Gradual Psalms, with the accompanying Litanies and Prayers, the whole on his knees; further, he must drink no wine and eat no meat on that day. Next, he shall rise at midnight on the first Monday of the month, and a priest shall say a Mass of the Holy Ghost. Thou who for the salvation of all mankind didst suffer the death of the Cross; Thou who, before being abandoned to Thine enemies, by an impulse of ineffable love didst institute the Sacrament of thy Body; Thou who hast vouchsafed to us miserable creatures the privilege of making daily commemoration thereof; do Thou deign unto thine unworthy servant, thus holding thy Living Body in his hands, all strength and ability for the profitable application of that power with which he has been entrusted against the horde of rebellious spirits.

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Ioannis et Pauli. He was dismissed as Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church in , but about the same time he assumed the post of Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Two days later, seventeen cardinals present at his death assembled to elect a new pope.

The troubled state of affairs in Italy, the threatening attitude of the Tatars , and the fear of a schism induced the cardinals to agree to an election by compromise. He was consecrated at Perugia on 24 July and was crowned at Rome on 31 August. He took possession of the Lateran on 3 September The Roman people were greatly elated at the election, for Honorius III was himself a Roman and by his extreme kindness had endeared himself to the hearts of all.

To procure the means necessary for this colossal undertaking, the Pope, and the cardinals were to contribute the tenth part of their income for three years. All other ecclesiastics were to contribute the twentieth part. Though the money thus collected was considerable, it was by no means sufficient for a general crusade as planned by Honorius III. Most rulers of Europe were engaged in wars of their own and could not leave their countries for any length of time.

They took Damietta and a few other places in Egypt , but a lack of unity among the Christians and rivalry between their leaders and the papal legate Pelagius resulted in failure. But the Treaty of San Germano in July permitted a further delay of two years.

Frederick II now made serious preparations for the crusade. It was left to his successor, Pope Gregory IX , to insist upon their accomplishment. Besides the liberation of the Holy Land, Honorius III felt bound to forward the repression of Cathar heresy in the south of France , the war for the faith in the Spanish peninsula, the planting of Christianity in the lands along the Baltic Sea , and the maintenance of the impossible Latin empire in Constantinople.

The most widely important event of this period was the siege and capture of Avignon. Albert of Jerusalem in Before that time the friars had only a temporary residence in Rome at the convent of San Sisto Vecchio , which Honorius had given to St. Dominic c. The studium conventuale at Santa Sabina was the forerunner of the Dominican studium generale at Santa Maria sopra Minerva. During his pontificate, many of the tertiary orders came into existence.

He also approved the religious congregation "Val des Ecoliers" Valley of scholars , which had been founded by four pious professors of theology at the University of Paris , France. In the case of a certain Hugh whom the chapter of Chartres had elected bishop, he withheld his approbation because the bishop-elect did not possess sufficient knowledge, quum pateretur in litteratura defectum, as the Pope stated in a letter dated 8 January He even deprived another bishop of his office on account of illiteracy.

Honorius bestowed various privileges upon the University of Paris and University of Bologna , the two greatest seats of learning during those times. In order to facilitate the study of theology in dioceses that were distant from the great centers of learning, he ordered in the bull Super specula Domini that some talented young men should be sent to a recognized theological school to study theology with the purpose of teaching it afterwards in their dioceses.

The most important of his writings is the Liber censuum Romanae ecclesiae, which is the most valuable source for the medieval position of the Church in regard to property and also serves in part as a continuation of the Liber Pontificalis. It comprises a list of the revenues of the Apostolic See , a record of donations received, privileges granted, and contracts made with cities and rulers.

The original manuscript of the Liber Censuum is still in existence Vaticanus latinus The supposed author uses his faith in God and mixes with it the teachings of King Solomon; it contains invocations of demonic entities for every day of the week.

He talked about the priest needing to fast for a certain amount of time and the sacrifice of animals in order to help with the binding of evil spirits.


Grimoire Du Pape Honorius



The Grimoire Of Honorius


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