The activities permitted in these area are outlined in Chapter on Zoning Regulations. Parks and open spaces, green belts, Nursery and Horticulture Reserved forest — Transportation Areas As per suggestion of chief town and country planner, UP Government, the transportation land use area has been increased to The percentage distribution of land under recreational and institutional use has been kept as per the provisions in the existing plan maintaining the character of industrial cum institutional city set in an environment of greenery and openness. The percentage of land under Transport and Commercial use has been increased in the greater noida master plan as the provisions for the same were not adequate in the ODP

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It is part of National Capital Region of India. Noida has emerged as a major economic hub in the past couple of decades. Development in industry, commerce and trade have led Noida to be a model city in UP. It is a major revenue earner for the government through taxes. Regulation of Building Operations Act, There was no urban centre in this area. The Interim General Plan for Greater Delhi was prepared in and then the first Master Plan of Delhi prepared in suggested that serious considerations should be given for the planned decentralisation of large scale economic activities from Delhi and the development of towns around Delhi.

In , a statutory plan for the National Capital Region of Delhi of which Noida is a part was finalised and enforced in for perspective year Also, a Perspective Plan for Delhi — was finalised by the Delhi Development Authority and enforced since for the perspective year Both these Plans had significant implications for the development potential of Noida.

Greater Noida Another factor, which is likely to have far reaching implications for the growth potential of Noida is the development of Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Industrial area townships on a contiguous territory east of the river Hindon. The Government of Uttar Pradesh, with a view to curb haphazard developmental activities in this potential area, decided to acquire about 70, hectares of land for planned urban development.

UP government later got a master plan prepared for the development of a new city, namely, Greater Noida for a population of , to be achieved by the year Greater Noida is also now planned for a population of 12 lakhs by This city is also bound to expand in size with time, and being located in close proximity to Noida, would surely influence the development of the city.

The residential, commercial, recreational, institutional and other urban use areas have also been developed in large parts of the township in the form of sectors. The remaining area of the township is in the process of being developed. Rural Area The agricultural fields exist in an interspersed manner with rural settlements in some parts of Southern area of the town.

Agriculture is well developed as the soil is fertile and irrigation facilities are well provided in the area. Plantation has also been done in some pockets. One such relatively large pocket exists at a location immediately north of the Sultanpur village and a smaller pocket exists west of the Shahdara village and located along the western bank of Noida Drain. Its future size, pattern and direction of growth, form, etc.

Its development during last one decade indicates that the pace of development is more than what was expected in earlier Master Plans. A detail analysis of land development based on the latest satellite images indicates that total land of approximately hectares have been developed in different land uses by January and approximately hectares land was in the process of development.

It indicates that the development of Noida has been more than what was provisionally envisaged in Noida Master Plan The Noida Master Plan was revised in for the perspective year of A total of hectare land was proposed for the development of urban activities. A comparative analysis of land use development with reference to proposed land use in Noida Master Plan reveals that about






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