Enter address including countrytelephone number, and fax number for supplier. Enter any information that would identify what the most current level of revision gmw what date that gmw revision occurred. Top Categories Gmw of Use. Motorola Mobility Antisuit Lawsuit. Surface treatment and coating of metals. Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres.

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Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. This specification lists substances whose use in materials and components, in the interests of personnel and environmental safety, are either prohibited or limited. Not applicable. This specification applies to materials and components specified by the purchaser and does include items where the design is held by the supplier, such as "black box" items.

All substances listed that are present in the component or product must be declared if the permitted limits are exceeded. Content limits are specified for all substances whether Prohibited P or just requiring Declaration D. For amounts below this limit a declaration is not required. Independent of this regulation, the supplier bears the responsibility for ensuring that the materials and components delivered meet the relevant legislations and regulations of the countries to which they are supplied.

The requirements defined in this specification apply for all new and carryover materials and components supplied, unless otherwise specified on the drawing. These requirements also apply to resourced or redesigned materials and components. Test method: GMW Hans-Georg Not for Resale. Mass of homogenous material can be determined by ISO or other appropriate method. Homogeneous Materials less than 10 g are exempt..

Asbestos fibers are P for all GM Regions. Homogeneous Materials less than 10 g are exempt. For applications where the hexavalent chromium is leachable: A maximum concentration of Test method: A reliable test for total chromium can be used to determine that the application is hexavalent chromium free. Chromium VI Salt P for all applications For applications where the hexavalent chromium is not leachable: A maximum concentration of ppm by weight and per homogeneous material shall be tolerated.

EU market: Prohibition applies to all batteries and accumulators that shall have maximum threshold for Mercury 5 ppm by weight. If the substance is listed as Prohibited. All other applications are declarable.. All usages of: Lead in solders in electrical applications and on glazing is prohibited for all parts released for the first time for all vehicles and for carryover parts in new and major vehicles Type Approved after January 1.

Questions regarding the presence of these substances can be resolved by using the test method listed or by any appropriate accepted analytical method. For exemptions to prohibition because of unavailable technical solutions or implementation timing issues. Rules and Regulations for Material Specifications. Hex Chrome.

It was approved and first published in March Clause J Holden. QU Lead and its compounds. Mercury and its compounds requirements updated. Lead and Formaldehyde requirements updated. Exceptions on Allison Transmission removed. This standard originated in May This part does contain substances listed in GMW above the reporting limits as detailed below. This part does not contain substances listed in GMW above the reporting limits.

Unit Supplied to: Enter the name of the organization you are supplying the part to. Company: Enter company name that is supplying the part. A list of units along with contact information for each is in the appendix. Mail Code if applicable : Enter internal mail code if required within Supplier Company to get mail to the contact person.

GM Brasil suppliers. Address: Enter address including country. If there is more than one component that contains the reported substance. Also state what plans are in place to eliminate the use of this substance Supplier Certification: Sign. Name: Enter contact name at the supplier. If the part is being supplied to more than one unit.

Comments: Enter any other information that would help identify the part. Declaration Section: Mark the applicable box. For Powertrain parts. If there is more than one reported substance. Saab GM do Brasil Ltd. Do Estado. India Mr. Postal Your name.


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