ATF G-5 A new face. And much more operating convenience. The new ATF G The same touchscreen is additionally located in the superstructure cab - even in duplicate. The main display visualizes the image taken by two cameras and can be inclined electronically very easily in order to adapt it to the prevailing light conditions.

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It shows features like axle locks, steering angles, suspension information, engine data, and error codes. With push-button activation, the rear-view camera can be active at all times. Both the lower and upper engines are now Tier 4 Final. On the superstructure cab, the tilting cockpit is unique to Tadano. Although it moves 20 degrees like many other cabs to make it easier for the operator to view the load during long boom work, the inside of the cab is on a rocker.

The main display can be operated by touch, keys, or rotary push-button, and on-screen data includes load charts, load information, geometric superstructure information, winches, telescope status, outrigger info, input device allocation, chassis level, and more. Operating speeds and joystick response can be customized for multiple operators. The display also shows engine information, such as average diesel consumption, oil temperature, and hydraulic oil levels.

The secondary monitor shows views from the two crane cameras. Krajci said the AML-F screen can still be reached without readjusting the cockpit if it is tilted. The foot, five-section boom has an updated telescoping cylinder and a new jib design with an integrated heavy lift jib and two-stage, bi-fold swingaway jib.

Maximum boom length is feet. Since the crane arrived, Travis Collins, operations manager with Campbell Inc. He noted some of the key features on the crane are the five outrigger positions, the Lift Adjuster, and the new hydraulic luffing and heavy lift jibs. Looking for a Tadano all-terrain crane? Find cranes for sale on CraneNetwork. Over 30, companies and individuals rely on our online services to effectively manage their fleet for the sale and rental of cranes and equipment.


ATF 130G-5 EM 3B


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Featured Crane: Tadano ATF 110G-5 All-Terrain Crane


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