Dazilkree My sorrow flies into the night, sad, cold With its broken wings; Like an old scar that continues to ache— In the distant shade it dissolves… All my life sings, kisses, laughs! Ante lo prora alegre un bello mar se extiende. I also did a poem by Delmira Agustini, and I noticed a lot of similarities between the two themes. Delmira Agustini — poems Aim your suns and rays at them!

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At a young age she began to compose and publish poems in literary journals such as "La Alborada," where she wrote a society column under the modernista pen name "Joujou. This mechanism of textualization, that is, the conversion of the female writer into a literary object, haunted Agustini throughout her career and continued even after her tragic death. In these reviews critics continued to refer to Agustini using metaphors related to virginity and inspiration, an image that Agustini herself assumed and cultivated in accordance with the modernista rhetoric and the restricted roles imposed on the women of the age.

On one hand, "la Nena" the Baby , as she was called in the private sphere, responded to the restrictive societal constructs of the era that denied sexuality to their upper-class women. On the other hand, the writer began to formulate verses that intensified a powerful, sexual imagery. Another distorting direction that literary criticism took in response to Agustini was to erase or mask the sexual content of her writings Marriage and Murder In , Delmira Agustini married Enrique Job Reyes, a man detached from the literary arena.

With Ugarte, Agustini had maintained an intense epistolary romance. After only a few weeks of marriage, Delmira asked for divorce.

Silvia Molloy comments on the deliberate infantilism that Agustini used as a protective mask. Other feminist approaches include the study by Gwen Kirkpatrick, who points out the experimental and subversive character of Delmira style. This volume confirms the eminence of the poet and contributes to her recent inclusion into the literary canon in which Delmira Agustini stands out as one of the most extraordinary voices of Latin American modern literature.


Delmira Agustini

Dosida And the trilling crystal of her voice was like an elegant flute: Love is the underlying emotion that humanity desires, however, it never lasts forever. Ya tiende La vela azul a Eolo su oriflama de raso Life continues onward yet the feeling of love rattles the balance of life. In a corner of this land with the colors of earth, I adore this pale moon, I adore this death mask! Strange Princes of Fantasy! From The Empty Chalices p. Before experiencing these new emotions, the tone of the poem was filled with desperation and sadness caused by the absence of love within the heart. Poetics of Eros is a response to a resurgent interest not just in the poems but in the passionate and daring woman behind them and the social and political world she inhabited.


Delmira Agustini


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