Ao saber mais sobre o problema, percebo que me faltou a gasolina. Basta estudar o Sol. E como consegue que as pessoas acreditem nele? E fez muito dinheiro.

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Ao saber mais sobre o problema, percebo que me faltou a gasolina. Basta estudar o Sol. E como consegue que as pessoas acreditem nele? E fez muito dinheiro. O Daniken, ao menos, foi original. Nada mais. O Sitchin era economista e jornalista , e o Daniken trabalhava em hotelaria , sendo criado de hotel e posteriormente director de um hotel.

Como nada sabiam sobre nada, inventaram. Nada estava mais longe da verdade. Daniken mentiu algumas vezes. Desta forma, as pessoas acreditariam nele e compravam os seus livros. Talvez, apenas talvez.

A geologist examined the area and found no cave systems. But an archeologist reported to Der Spiegel that, while there were some good pieces, many were just local imitations for tourists, and that Crespi has difficulty distinguishing brass from gold. Nolli through Dr. Walter Ramberg, Scientific Attache at the U. Von Daniken said that the lines were built following instructions from extraterrestrial beings, to be used as airfields for their spaceships.

In his book Arrival of The Gods, he added that some of the pictures depicted extraterrestrials. Archeologists are sure that they were made by pre-columbian civilizations for cultural purposes, and they have not bothered refuting this sort of speculations.

Silverman and Proulx say this silence from archaeologists has harmed the profession and the Peruvian nation. Crown in Some Trust in Chariots explains how this is simply wrong. The technique of construction is well understood, we know perfectly what tools they used, we can still see the marks of those tools in the quarries, and there are many tools preserved in museums.

He also claims that Egyptians suddenly started making pyramids out of nowhere, but there are several pyramids that show the progress made by Egyptian architects while they were perfecting the technique from simple mastabas to later pyramids.

However, archaeologists see nothing special with the figure, a dead Mayan monarch who is wearing traditional Mayan hairdo and jewelry, surrounded by Mayan symbols can be observed in other Mayan drawings. The right hand is not handling any rocket controls, but simply making a traditional Mayan gesture, that other figures in the sides of the lid also make, and is not holding anything.

The rocket shape is actually two serpents joining their heads at the bottom, with the rocket flames being the beards of the serpents. The rocket motor under the figure is the face of a monster, symbol of the underworld. But the PBS television series Nova determined that the stones were modern, and located the potter who made them. This potter makes stones daily and sells them to tourists.

The PBS television series Nova determined that this was a fraud, and even located the potter who made them. Por fim, deixo-vos excertos deste artigo , no Ceticismo Aberto, intitulado: Erich von Daniken: mentiras, fraudes e bananas. No julgamento, foi descrito novamente como um mentiroso e um psicopata criminal pelo psiquiatra que o avaliou. De outras formas, eu tento fazer as pessoas rirem.


Eram os Deuses Astronautas – Erich von Däniken

Pra onde foram os maias. Eram os deuses astronautas download livro com imagens. Eram os deuses astronautas. Filme eram os deuses astronautasdublado torrent download com qualidade vhstip e no formato avi. Csio na prefeitura de fukushima consultado em 24 de maro de informao adicional autor edicao qualidade apenas anjos que geraram nephilins conforme gn 6 published in.


Livro: Eram Os Deuses Astronautas? (pdf)


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