MasterEmaco MasterEmaco reparatiemortels voor duurzame betonrenovatie MasterEmaco reparatiemortels herstellen betonconstructies tot originele sterkte, voorkomen verdere schade en verlengen de levensduur ervan. Dankzij de lage krimp en de hoge treksterkte van de mortels wordt scheurvorming tot een minimum beperkt. Onze BASF System Partners kunnen u gericht adviseren over de inzet van ons op maat gemaakt assortiment reparatiemortels. Een assortiment dat kan worden ingezet voor structurele en niet-structurele betonreparaties voor gebruik in verkeerszones, verticale toepassingen en betonherstelling boven het hoofd. Betonreparatiemortels met uitzonderlijke eigenschappen Of het nu gaat om mortels voor niet-structurele betonreparaties, egalisatiemortels, primers of reparatiemortels voor structurele betonrenovaties, alle producten zijn gebruiksvriendelijk en kunnen eenvoudig worden verwerkt.

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Innovative technical advances combined with exceptional application properties have produced the Emaco Nanocrete range of concrete repair mortars. The simple system ensures successful concrete repairs exceeding the requirements of the new European Norm EN This Norm is set to standardise all aspects of concrete repair and product performance across Europe.

With superb handling properties the product can be applied horizontally, vertically and overhead. It is perfect for reforming profiles and damaged corners and edges from mm depths, allowing recoating in 4 hours. Typical applications are; balcony and edge beam repairs, damage to precast panel, column and soffit repairs and smoothing large concrete areas for aesthetic reasons.

This product has easy application properties by trowel, hand or spray allowing upto 75mm vertically and 50mm overhead. Profiles are easily created without the need for formwork on corners and soffits. Compressive strengths exceeding 35 Mpa are achieved. The applied nanotechnology, fibre reinforcement and newly developed shrinkage compensation minimises shrinkage.

Typical applications are; stair nosings, balcony edges, beams and columns, building facades. It can be applied in thicker layers in small pockets. No bonding slurries or steel reinforcement primers are required. Compressive strength in excess of 60 Mpa. Typical applications are; columns, piers, cross beams, marine structures, tunnels pipes and outfalls, cooling towers, chimneys, industrial facilities, water treatment and sewerage facilities. The primer is used when steel is visible and concrete cover is less than 10mm.

It is highly effective to aid bond and application properties of extreme repair thicknesses. Simply mixed with water to a semi fluid consistency it sets quickly at the repair location whilst having a long pot life.


MasterEmaco reparatiemortels voor duurzame betonrenovatie



Emaco® Nanocrete



MasterEmaco S 5400: versterkte mortel


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