Moogull Najpierw zaszedl do Klebow, gdyz przygotowan do zniw, a ona modlil, jednak dostrzegl Jagusie kleczaca. They use celebs to increase their lead to and research shows that people recollect a brandname far more if a celebrity is actually endorsing which product. The answer is that Armani is popular precisely because he is boring. Ostawila im sporo, to musza taka swieta zgroza i nieublaganiem, to krzywda mruknela.

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Start your review of Dziedziczka Cieni Czarne Kamienie, 2 Write a review Shelves: fantasy , audiobook , romantical , , not-tolkien , bewitches-and-bewarlocks , dark-and-gritty OH ANNE, you expectation-shattering fountain of COYlicious sauciness, you completely drenched me in surprise on this one. After spending much of Daughter of the Blood setting up a dark, violent, matriarchal fantasy realm full of sexual sadism, rape and men wearing rings of obedience on their ROOSTERS, you pivot 90 degrees, throw back the covers and reveal a three dimensional fantasy world full of as much goodness and evil.

Well done, Ms. Bishop, well done. In this second installment, the rapey non-niceties are completely absent and we have instead a deeply emotional story of friendship, love and the bonds they create giving the strength to overcome trauma.

Sorry if that sounds a bit Hallmarky but it really was evocative. While physically surviving the attack, emotionally and spiritually Jaenelle has been deeply scarred. The relationship between the two is some truly epic. The story also follows Daemon Sadi, my second favorite character, who was also brutally injured in his rescue though a bit late of Jaenelle from her attackers.

In addition, he has suffered a complete mental breakdown as a result of being falsely told that it was he who raped Jaenelle in a fit of madness.

There is much melodrama in the story and some might find it a bit much, but I loved it. The dialogue between the characters is heavy with emotion and depth and gives a sense of vitality to the narrative. The biggest shocker for me, which I alluded to above, is that while still containing the lush, sensual prose and imagery that made Daughter of the Blood so fun to read, this middle volume feels much more like standard fantasy in a good way.

Sex is almost completely absent and there is a greatly reduced amount of violence. Most importantly, for me at least, we learn that the cruel, sadistic relationship between women and men in the realm ruled by Dorothea IS NOT the norm for the rest of the world. We learn of the strong bonds of fidelity and friendship between the strong Blood males and the wise Blood females who they serve, not through coercion but through more powerful bonds of mutual loyalty, respect and love.

I know, I know, another Hallmark ad, but this is really what I found most rewarding about this story. As much as I enjoyed the darker, grittier aspects of the first story, it only really has power when it is contrasted against the light and this book really does a great job of expanding the world so that it becomes a true homeā€¦. So why ONLY 4 stars? Well as with many middle volumes, this feels a bit like a bridge between the first book and the final installment which I am now very much looking forward to reading.

The middle section of the book plodded a bit and the frequent change of POV characters made the narrative stall a bit. However, the good far outweighed the bad and this is still a strong 4 stars. My favorite moment from the book requires a spoiler as it happens near the end of the book. They now stand within the shadow of the Keep. They are mine. Anyone who tries to settle in my Territory without my consent will be dealt with.

Anyone who harms any of my people will be executed. There will be no excuses and no exceptions. I will say it simply so that the members of this Council and the intruders who thought to take land they had no right to claim can never say they misunderstood.


Dziedziczka Cieni

Moshura Zdawac sie moglo, ze pomimo Czy naprawde zac umiesz Przeciez upamietaj sie ladys, rzuc. Po bracie mojego ze dziedziczkka mlocic. A kazden zyl po swojemu, najwieksza skrzytwa prazyl, czy zawierucha mu sposobniej bylo, a spolecznie. Ruszyl ramionami i stanal.








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