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Arale Gas pressure regulating and -messanlage according to any one of claims 1 to 13, characterized in that the gas pressure regulating and -messanlage comprises a device for determining gas quality. Preferably, the length of the axial distance a between the two measuring devices between 0 and 20 times the arbeitsblaatt D of the cable portion. Monitoring contamination level xvgw filter, partic. The actual pressure test shall only be started when the temperature of the testing medium has been allowed to adjust to the temperature of the surrounding soil or ambient atmosphere.

During this period, the piping shall be particularly checked for leaks at its joints and components flanges, couplings, valves, etc.

DEA1 — Gas pressure regulating and -messanlage — Google Patents By advantageous embodiments undue repercussions between control and measurement devices be prevented while minimizing the pressure drop across the system.

Das Reversierungs-Rohrleitungssystem weist Absperreinrichtungen bzw. After reducing the pressure to a value as low as possible hold time 30 minuteswhich should be at least 2 bar at the absolute highest point along the pipeline, and after increasing the pressure to the test pressure, the pressure shall again be held for at least 90 minutes.

Method for operating a conveyor pipeline with dense-stream conveyance and apparatus for carrying out the method. Bei dem zweiten Leitungsnetz kann es sich um das Leitungsnetz eines regionalen Versorgungsunternehmens handeln. The relevant sections about testing methods B1, B2, B3 and C3 refer to other necessary measurement devices and their respective requirements. In a preferred embodiment of the flow control device is a preheating device upstream or downstream.

During this period, the piping or facility component group shall be particularly checked for leaks at its joints and components flanges, couplings, valves, etc. Connection interface for connecting water treatment system at pipeline of e.

Drinking water supply system for a building, method for operating same and control device of same. In contrast to the ultrasonic gas meters, the turbine currently on the market are not bidirectional use. Upstream or downstream of a preheating device. In addition to the new pressure measurement method by means of precision pressure gauges, resulting in simplification and improvement of the measurement method using air, further amendments and additions for adjustment in line with the state of the art for pressure testing methods have been included in the new issue of this code of practice.

Piston Pressure Gauges B 3. Stop valve for terminal of water treatment apparatus at pipe line, has inlet and outlet, where water treatment apparatus is connectable between inlet and outlet. An beiden Enden des Betriebs-Leitungsstranges At both ends of the operation wire bundle 1 1 befinden sich Absperreinrichtungen are shut-off devices 5a 5a.

Method for regulating the gas pressure in a gas pipeline network, gas pressure regulating stations in a gas pipeline network and rotary piston machine. Water may also be replaced by other suitable liquid media; below, reference is only made to water. Pressure Testing Methods Dvgw g Documents. This allows the addition of further routes to increase the transport capacity.

This is intolerable, especially in natural gas transportation business. This evens out the flow, thereby reducing measurement errors and damps disturbing sound. With the liberalization of the gas market, it is increasingly necessary to change the transport direction or the direction of flow of the gas. Particle counter for use with viscous hydraulic fluid is situated downstream of pump drawing fluid with particles or air bubbles from tank and upstream of non-return valve and line leading back to tank.

Here monitors a counter to ensure the other is the high measurement accuracy for billing purposes in continuous operation. The measuring devices concerns advantageously ultrasonic flowmeters or Coriolis mass flowmeters. In the first line network can, for example, be a transmission system, usually prevails in which a transport pressure of about 60 bar. B alternatively to the volumetric flow to measure the mass flow rate.

Usually GPRM plants for the unidirectional operation are provided, ie, the gas pressure regulator and the gas-measuring device are only flows from one direction. For automation reasons, these are motor operated normally. If the two line networks are designed for a different pressure level, the control device is upstream or downstream of a safety shut.

Here are ultrasonic gas meters. All other values shall be measured at hourly intervals. Pure-water supply system — has insert in ring main reducing pressure with pipe connected. See pressure testing methods B1 or B2 with respect to checking for absence of air.

Der Betriebs-Leitungsstrang The operating line strand 1 1 und der Vdgw and the reserve-wiring harness arbeitxblatt 2 sind einerseits an ein erstes Leitungsnetz on the one hand to a first line network 3 3 und andererseits an ein zweites Leitungsnetz and on the other hand to a second transmission system 4 4 angebunden.

The GPRM plant is built in a standardized and modular train construction. Die Messeinrichtung The measuring device 6a 6ab kann alternativ zum Volumendurchfluss den Massendurchfluss messen. Related Posts


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Voodoonos Die Anlage beinhaltet einen Betriebs-Leitungsstrang bzw. As with unillustrated valves — in wafer — equipped. Waega dvgw g en Documents. After filling and de-airing see Section2. Alternatively it may be regulated primarily of the flow or a priority of the pressure. They are used for measuring and regulating the pressure and flow rate of natural gas in particular during the transfer of a first transmission system in a second line network.


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