Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. September Learn how and when to remove this template message The Dragon Emperor Ariakas devises a plan to corrupt the Knights of Solamnia and sends Dragon Highlord Kitiara uth Matar to tempt a power-hungry knight, Derek Crownguard, with the location of a Dragon Orb, which Ariakas believes the Knights will not be able to control. Kitiara then travels to the city of Haven to investigate the possible involvement of her friends and family in the death of the Dragon Highlord Verminaard. Kitiara also learns that Tanis is traveling with his former girlfriend, the incredibly beautiful elven princess Laurana , and consumed by jealousy, becomes dangerously obsessed with Laurana. She insists Feal-Thas allow the Dragon Orb under his care to be taken by the knights when they arrive, and Feal-Thas insists she first defeats the horrible guardian of the Orb.

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Shelves: reviewed , fantasy , s Im finding myself breaking my no review policy towards books in a series left and right nowadays I try to stick to stand alone novels so Im just going to ditch the policy. Obviously I cant follow it right now. This review aims to be spoiler free, but there are some minor plot points discussed. All of which are described on the back of the book, but if you wish to know zero details, consider yourself warned.

I genuinely enjoy the Dragonlance series, particularly the books by Weis and Hickman. I accept that for the most part they are not great books though I would make an argument for The Soulforge but they are consistently entertaining. I suspect that this may be strongly influenced by nostalgia.

It is with great reluctance that I state that I simply do not like this book. Stories that characters mentioned but the reader never got the chance to experience. Going back and filling those gaps several years later seemed an interesting idea. I read the previous book Dragons of the Dwarven Depths when it first came out, and was rather unimpressed.

The characters also seemed somewhat off, which made sense given the gap in years since they had written the original Chronicles series. With all that said, I enjoyed it well enough and gave it 3 stars. The same flaws from the previous book remained, but again, this one filled me with some nostalgia. Once more, I felt like I was visiting old friends… at least in the moments they were actually in the book. That is very accurate here, where she plays a less interesting character simply driven by jealousy, who seems to give up all her schemes just to try to get revenge on Laurana.

While Kit always seemed the jealous type slight understatement this gets to the ridiculous point where she gets called out on it by other characters at how she seems to be throwing away all her well laid schemes.

After a while it just got frustrating. As for Derek Crownguard… I think I am not alone when I say that he is one of the most irritating characters in the original series. To have the book focus around him so largely is enough to make one lose their patience with the book quite quickly. He is still an annoying character who thinks he knows better than everyone and unlike Raistlin who suffers from a bit of that as well clearly demonstrates time and again that he knows nothing.

It makes an already annoying character worse as they try to defend some of his actions despite saying that he is obliviously in the wrong. Also, some of his actions make no sense from a plot standpoint. For example, early on he seeks out Tasslehoff so he can gain information on the Dragon Orbs. After Tas gives him the information, Derek is adamant that Tas needs to stay with him, going to great lengths to keep him with his group and becoming threatening any time he tries to leave.

Tas gave him the information. So what was the point of that? Short answer: because they needed some of the old companions to be in the novel. They had to find a reason for Tas, Sturm and the others to travel with the knights. The Tas situation is introduced simply to get the two parties together. Enough complaining. Are there good things in the novel? Yeah, the scenes where Kit goes to meet Lord Soth are interesting and the highlight of the book.

Sadly they last about 30 pages and the book is pages long. Secondly, the above-mentioned Lord Soth section would have made an excellent short story if expanded upon. Finally, nostalgia. As I stated at the start, I loved this series as a kid, and though I did not care for this volume, I still love the series as a whole now.

There is a third book in the Lost Chronicles series. I will read it despite being only okay with the first book and disliking this one…. Because unlike these two, it answers one of the missing chapters I always wondered about as a kid. Whatever did Raistlin do during his missing time in the third novel? Hopefully that one will be not only a nostalgia kick, but also a fitting return to the world of Krynn.


Dragons of the Highlord Skies




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