Chapter 1 Shadow. A casting of mottled dark. The real me, the me that knew happiness and light left with him. I blinked at the sound of his whispered words and brought my eyes up to meet the faces staring back at me. A murmur spread from one end of the long stone-topped table to the other, and the speaker—a Fae with dark eyes and shining, midnight blue hair—shuffled through her notes before addressing me. You refuse to answer to the charges brought against you.

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Its going to be impossible to write this review without spoilers from previous books, so if you are new to this series and dont like spoilers stop right here and skip to the last paragraph where I explain about the giveaway. Proceed at your own risk if you dont care much about spoilers. Darian knew there was going to be hell to pay after her harsh decisions in Blood Before Sunrise, but what she never Crave the Darkness is the third book in the amazing Shaede Assassin series by Amanda Bonilla.

Darian knew there was going to be hell to pay after her harsh decisions in Blood Before Sunrise, but what she never thought was that the blow off of her actions were not only going to be on a legal level but on a very personal one.

She learned the hard truth when Tyler surprised her by walking out her life. Luckily she has a group of people who care about her and have been by her side when she has needed them most.

Despite not getting along with Anya Darian accepts the assignment. Darian is giving carte blanche to form her own team. Raif disagrees with one of her choices, but Darian likes Asher and wants to give him a chance, now the only thing left is trying to convince Anya to trust her enough to tell her who is after her and her unborn child, but for more probing Anya is not saying anything. The question is would Darian be able to keep her head and do what she must? Or would her obsession for Tyler make her lose everything she has fought all her life for?

She is also reevaluating her life and the decisions she has taken throughout time. In this installment Mrs. Bonilla gave me a treat. I have liked Xander since the beginning and this book was Xander packed, thank you Mrs. In Crave the Darkness he showed us he really cares for Darian and takes care of her in the only way he can.

Bonilla has in store for him, but I think after some events in this book I have an idea. What events? You need to read the book. The villain in Crave the Darkness is one of the creepiest villains I have ever read, the things he does made me cringe in disgust and wish him a very slow and painful death. Raif if the same unconditional friend that loves Darian as if she were his own sister, he has been there for her and will continue to be there for her whenever she needs him, especially after what she did for him in Blood Before Sunrise.

On the beginning Anya is the same insufferable woman of previous books, but motherhood and certain events that happened in this book changed her a bit and made her feel more real and approachable. I think Mrs.

Bonilla did an excellent job making him feel mysterious and intriguing. Crave the Darkness is an action-packed-page-turner-impossible-to-put-down book; one that I guarantee you will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Bonilla threw in there I can only tell you to be ready to be left open-mouthed and dying for more. Since the moment I read Shaedes of Gray first book I fell in love with the characters and the unique world Mrs.

Bonilla created in this series, Blood Before Sunrise only corroborated with my initial assertion and Crave the Darkness did the impossible, it exceeded my expectations. I can recommend this book and series enough. If you are an urban fantasy lover this series is a must for you.


Crave the Darkness (Shaede Assassin #3)

Zolonris What happens to Darian at the end of this book is horrible. Oct 07, Danielle rated it liked it. If you enjoy bbonilla really amazing series that leaves you breathless and on the edge of your chair, then you definitely should! Have I peaked your interest yet? Kade is the villain and whoa…what a villain he is. Protecting someone is definitively new to her and you can tell it makes her a little uncomfortable. But in this installment, he smanda good.


Crave the Darkness



Crave the Darkness


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