Plot summary[ edit ] Under the name Genghis , the protagonist unites the Mongol tribes, finally defeating the last alliance against his rule. After the killing of the Khan of the alliance, the defeated shaman decides to tie his fate to that of the new Mongol nation. Genghis orders all of the tribes to assemble the following summer in the pastures around the Black Mountain. The following summer sees the tribes gathered, waiting for Genghis to lead them where he will. They are anxious to be off, but he is determined to wait for the Khan of the Uighur to show up with the five thousand soldiers he wishes to have. While stuck in one place, the new Nation becomes impatient and tempers flare.

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He is married, has four children and lives in Hertfordshire , England, [4] near Chorleywood Golf Club. The film option has been sold to Spitfire Productions an Intermedia company. The author has written a fifth book in the series, Emperor: The Blood of Gods, which deals with the rise of Augustus and events after the end of The Gods of War.

This book was published on 26 September After completing the fourth book in the Emperor series, Iggulden began research for his next series of books, the Conqueror series , based on the life of Mongol warlords Genghis , Ogedai and Kublai Khan. His first book, Wolves of the Plains. Then followed his second book, Lord of the Bows , on 2 January Bones of the Hills , the third book in the series, was released on 1 September Iggulden explains his desire to leave the character when he still had much left to accomplish, rather than tracing him through to his eventual downfall, as he did with Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan.

Iggulden released a four-book series, the Wars of the Roses series, [6] starting with Stormbird in , Margaret of Anjou [7] called Trinity in the United Kingdom in , Bloodline [8] in , and Ravenspur [9] in In , Iggulden published a historical fiction novel called Dunstan, [10] chronicling the life of the 10th century monk and political adviser to the Saxon Kings of England, St.

It covers around eighty topics, from building a soapbox racer and tying knots , to learning about famous battles and how to make potassium aluminium sulphate crystals. Iggulden has since written three stories to accompany the story of the Tollins. Being a thriller, Blackwater was a change in genre for Iggulden who had mainly written historical fiction. In Iggulden added a further quickreads book to the list Quantum of Tweed — The Man with a Nissan Micra — a comedy about an unwitting hitman.

Fantasy novels[ edit ] In , Conn Iggulden released the first book in his first fiction fantasy series, Darien: Empire of Salt. The second book in the series, Shiang, was released on followed by The Sword Saint in


Conn Iggulden

Shelves: owned-ebooks A compelling, brutal, informational, and terrifying depiction of Genghis conquest of Yenking. Some words can be a cruel weight on a man, unless he learns to ignore them. The story takes place approximately eight years after the end of the first book. Genghis: Lords of the Bow was almost as good as the first book; the large-scale action scenes—more on this later—was definitely better. I found all of these to be an incredibly positive point in my read. The strong rule, Chen Yi.


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The second in the bestselling new Conqueror series on Genghis Khan, it is a wonderful, epic story which Conn Iggulden brings brilliantly to life. The gathering of the tribes of the Mongols has been a long time in coming but finally, triumphantly, Temujin of the Wolves, Genghis Khan, is given the full accolade of the overall leader and their oaths. Now he can begin to meld all the previously warring people into one army, one nation. But the task Genghis has set himself and them PDF is formidable.


Genghis: Lords of the Bow



Genghis Lords of The Bow


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