During major engagements Warhounds operate on the flanks of the Imperial forces, seeking to engage enemy tanks and infantry formations rather than other Titans, where their lighter weapons can still inflict immense damage and provide the maximum tactical benefit. From the engine room, two Tech-priests make up the final human members of the crew. Yet, over the centuries, these Machine Spirits can develop a surprising amount of independence and even personalities of their own. Deployment Being faster and more agile than a standard Battle Titan, Warhound-class Scout Titans are deployed as the eyes and ears of the Titan Legions on campaign, raging far ahead of the main battle groups.

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Imperial Titans[ edit ] Imagine a city that hates you. Now give it legs to walk on and weapons that could level another city, then fill it with more things that hate you.

You now have a rough idea of a Titan. The Imperium has quite a variety of titans under the control of Adeptus Titanicus , each has a name and no two are the same. They are quite often referred to as god-machines due to their ability to blow the fucking shit out of anything in their way.

They also have void shields which makes them pretty much invulnerable to whatever shit you can throw at it. Although the way Epic rules work, anything, even infantry, can shoot at it enough to overload the Void Shields and bring them down, letting other Warmachines pummel the actual Titan. In 4th-7th ed 40k, Void Shields are each AV12, requiring anti-vehicle weapons to bring down each shield. Like all machines made by the Adeptus Mechanicus more complex than a toaster, Titans have machine-spirits that reflect their nature.

Imperial Titans are old. As a rule. No exceptions. These things are so old that they make some Eldar Titans look young by comparison. That old. The main reason that these titans are so bloody ancient is that the Imperium often lacks the knowledge, skill, or resources to build them anywhere but Mars, Ryza, and apparently Lucius.

In the good old days, every other Forge World had a Titan Legion. Not wholly true; there is a small number of highly highly-censured tech-priests that make, and even design, new Titans. Regardless, there may be newly built Titans as we see on Forge World Graia in the Space Marine game , but they each take at least centuries to build, and even then, only at the largest Forge Worlds with specialized Manufactorums to build them. Oh yeah, we forgot.

Imperial Titans have home worlds that run the upkeep for a whole Legion of titans of various sizes and classes. A single titan can be deployed by itself, though small detachments of titans are more common, typically the whole legion will "walk" together to end a threat.

Because, for the Imperium, if we need to send one titan, we might as well send thirty-plus titans just to be sure that that severe of a threat gets taken care of. The Mechanicus is apparently fine with all divergence, so long as the titans are cared for properly and the legions remain loyal to Mars. Titan Legions, especially Princeps, are also notable exceptions from traditional Martian sensibilities regarding augmentation.

Whilst crew members will, in the line of duty, end up getting augmentations or enhancements either due to injury or to aid in their duties , they are not expected to completely cyberise themselves, as the Mechanicus holds that the union of Human mind and Titan machine spirit is pretty damn close to the Holy Synthesis they seek.

Mechanicus techtheologians even beleive that the link with Titans works precisely because the pilots are not heavily augmented. A big part of Titans are their Machine Spirit. They are amongst some of the oldest and most sophisticated in the Imperium, sometimes verging close to sentient at times. The link between Princeps and Machine Spirit also acts as a storage buffer, keeping a part of each Princeps onboard the link.

If a princeps dies whilst plugged in, their spirit can sometimes be absorbed into the Titan itself - much better than being daemon chow in the warp. Speaking of daemons, during the Horus Heresy, several of the Titan Legions defected to Horus, giving Chaos its very own supply of Titans.

A very small number were created during the Heresy but more were created after. Imperial Knight [ edit ] Nice crotch-banner. This unique class of walker is small enough at anywhere from 7 to 15 meters depending on chassis type to be piloted by a single person, but is still staggeringly deadly.

Although they are sometimes overshadowed by the full-size Titans, the Adeptus Mechanicus still deploys them as skirmishers and flankers for their Titans, and as they can be fielded in higher numbers, Knight Houses are potent forces in their own right. There are a bunch of different types of Knights, detailed on their page.

These range from the small Armigers, the bog standard Questoris, the gun toting Dominus, the lanky Cerastus and the vast Acastus. All of them have a reasonable points cost by Titan standards, anyway and also wield Strength 14 chainswords or giant power fists that can pick up and throw the wrecks or corpses of any vehicles or monstrous creatures that they kill.

Have fun. Where are your Dark Gods now? To put things into perspective, the Warhound is around 17 meters at rest. It looks like a dinosaur with no tail. It carries smaller weapons such as a massive megabolter which is like a minigun that fires off tank shells, or a Huge ass LAZAR that rips your tanks a new one like they were made of cardboard.

Or maybe throw a really big flamethrower on it. The Legio Audax were known for fielding nothing but Warhounds, using pack tactics to take down much larger opponents. It can also carry a massive hellfire missile launcher for triple lehzar cannons and even a fucking Gatling Blaster.

The Imperium seems to have almost as many of these as it has Reavers. Now has an awesome new model which costs more than some used cars. The Nemesis configuration refers to it mounting a Warlord-class Quake Cannon as its primary weapon, allowing it to be used as a dedicated siege platform and Anti-Titan weapon.

Expect a non-Nemesis Warbringer sometime in the future. Over times bigger and heavier than a Warlord Titan and too many massive fucking guns to count. It needs a whole ship for itself to get around. Oddly enough, it mounts a Ryza-pattern Plasma Annihilator, yet most of these things were supposedly made on Mars. Then again, they might predate differing planetary patterns of weapon. More likely, since all data from all Forge Worlds is put on Mars, the Martians simply used what they were given by Ryza.

Some, such as the Eclipse and Nightgaunt were once just Warlord variants that FW decided to make new types. Others like the Carnivore and Komodo are entirely unique designs never before seen in fluff. A few are particularly noteworthy: First is the Apocalypse Class, which is to the Imperator what the Imperator is to the Warlord and is the biggest Titan of all.

Though there are no images of it, it would most likely be a skyscraper-sized monster that would make anything that saw it shit their pants. Eisenhorn once described seeing one at a triumph on a hive world, saying that it looked like whole sections of the hive moving.

The second is the three-legged Punisher-class Titan, which was used during the War of the Beast. While the Eldar make exclusive use of psychic Titans, this is the only known Imperial giant psychic death machine.

The Rapier class Scout Titan was even smaller and faster than a warhound, mounting only one weapon and comparitively minimal armour and shielding. They were already a rarity in the closing days of the Heresy and the design seems to have been discontinued. For now these last days are the final fires burning, the black flames that consume a galaxy, the storms of the warp that drown out life, the End Times and the dawn of a galaxy of Chaos.

We swear fealty to the Gods of Chaos and their herald, Abaddon the Despoiler, with this tribute that it might strike fear into the followers of the Corpse-Emperor and that through it they may see the true face of death It was a towering giant of white and silver, with a faceless head except for its gleaming red eyes. Despite being far larger than any other Titan in existence save the Temple Gargant it proved to be far faster and more agile standing completely upright instead of hunched over like 40k titans than its bulk would suggest thanks to its unique locomotion system, which featured synthetic muscles supplemented by an automatic repair system.

Its weapons were no less advanced, consisting of a Titan Power Fist and a heavily modified rotary cannon of uncertain origin it fired Daemons. Some theorize that this was what inspired the Angry Marines to equip their Titans with Angry Marine Launchers and Land Raider Launchers, but nobody has the courage to confirm if this is the case. Unlike any of the other Titans, it has no crew and is instead operated solely through the action of an artificial intelligence. Only the efforts of an expeditionary force of Tech Guard and a single squad of Grey Knights were enough to destroy it, though fragments of its STC database was collected and stored by the Mechanicus shortly afterward to be reviewed at a later time.

They are supposedly effigies of the ork gods, but we all know the mek that built the first Gargant just wanted a bigger, killier thing than that other ork over there. The bigger ones usually move on treads, the smaller ones usually waddle. Either way, these things are slow. But who cares, because they have enough guns to blast the enemy apart, and enough other Gargants to box them in as well!

Ironically, these are the most realistic titans in 40k. Unlike the rest of the titans, these either have massively proportioned feet or use treads to deal with the problem of sinking into the ground, and are very bottom heavy in order to avoid concentrating the weight of the machine on the thinnest part of the structure.

If anything, the Orks should have the most impractical titan designs, not the least. Not really though, just the most low-tech solution. Stompa: The smallest Gargant type. They come in bunches, and have no shields whatsoever. Their main armament is usually a gatling gun or stolen tank cannon, and then a giant close combat weapon. They eat infantry, buildings, smaller Titans, and tanks for breakfast, but only in close combat. Lots of armor, lots of staying power, lots of dakka but not enough.

One configuration has so many guns on it that the entire crew cannot fire them at once. And they somehow generate Supa-rokkits out of thin air. The latter fired a giant iron ball which wrecked the hell out of anything short of another Titan and had rules allowing it to roll through multiple targets! Mega Gargant: Here the line between giant robot and moving fortress blur. Where the Great Gargant is like a skyscraper, this thing actually is a fortress on treads.

With a population in excess of a small city, these machines are always moved on huge treads which can literally crush Baneblades beneath them. Slab-sided and covered with gun nests and extra armor patches, this large block-like fortress is home to thousands upon thousands of grot riggers, running to and fro.

Powered by salvaged space ship reactors or dangerous Ork-made engines of questionable physical legality, these gods of destruction have more guns and bigger guns than any other race will mount on a thing of equivalent size.

And this is a small mountain. Also, it has the obligatory close combat weapon, which is something easy to move around like a hammer, axe, or buzzsaw because it will be so large that the Gargant just may not be able to move it much.

This appears to have been about the time White Dwarf decided to switch to narrative, rather than blow-by-blow, battle reports to make bullshitting the results easier. Not all Gargants are created equal! For other Gargant Variants, see the Gargants page! The Eldar field these war machines in pairs - they are piloted by Eldar twins with a strong psychic bond to enable a greater level of awareness and cohesion to the fighting unit.


Warhound Scout Titan

Jump to: navigation , search Warhounds are often ambushed while attempting to mark their territory. Ever heard of reconnaissance-in-force? Well, this is the Imperial cranked up to eleven version of it. The Warhound class Scout Titan is the smallest Imperial Titan in use although it still reaches around fifteen metres fifty feet at its peak and the fastest of them. During the Horus Heresy , Warhounds tended to operate semi- independently from the bigger Titan Legion in large packs but those days they work in tandem, the pair often taking a complementary weapon loadout and putting the fear of the Omnissiah into everything smaller than a Titan bigger than themselves by murderrapefucking the hell out of them. The STC for the Warhound was clearly designed by a heretic as it has no pauldrons.


Warhound-class Titan

Flank Speed: When this model Advances, increase its Move characteristic by 12" instead of rolling a dice. In this case, it can shoot the enemy unit that is within 1" of it or any other visible enemy unit that is within range and more than 1" away from any friendly models. In addition, a Warhound Scout Titan can move and fire Heavy weapons without any penalty to its hit rolls. Finally, a Warhound Scout Titan only gains a bonus to its save in cover if at least half of the model is obscured from the bearer. Titan Void Shields: Titans are protected by specialised void shield generators, near-impenetrable barriers of force projected out at a distance from their hulls in layers, and designed to deflect and absorb the impact of highenergy attacks and missiles against them. In game terms, Titan void shields are represented by a unique kind of saving throw which the controlling player can opt to use instead of their normal save or invulnerable save against any form of attack except from weapons with the Melee type.

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