Mull As one of the leading Maxxis tire dealers in the area, we pride ourselves on our ability to send customers home happy. Ultimate Performance and Ultimate Quality Over the last 45 years, Maxxis Tire has remained dedicated to developing and retaining faithful customers. Maxxis has since expanded, and the company now offers a variety of tires for many different purposes. It features a reflective foil layer between an inner and outer bottle to keep liquids cool twice as long as standard water bottles. Because of their guaranteed quality, SIDI footwear has been chosen by millions of athletes.

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From design to production, from the factory floor to your favorite road or trail, Maxxis products lead the way in technological advances. Champions around the world choose Maxxis because they know that our extensive product research, unique designs and rigorous testing standards produce tires that will elevate riders to the next level.

For more information on the entire Maxxis product line, visit us at maxxis. Weights are listed in grams. Increasing tire size may require an increased rim width.

Inspect tires closely for sufficient clearance. Stretched inner tubes can crease and fail due to thinning of the inner tube rubber. If valve cores are damaged, replace them. Punctured, cracked, bulging or blistered tires should be replaced immediately. If not replaced, damage can result in sudden and complete tire failure. The use of liquid sealants in any other Maxxis tire will void the warranty. Traditional tires are designed around older, CASING narrower rims and can create an overly square tire profile, leading to less than optimal performance.

One layer of nylon wrapped from bead to bead. Maxxis Tubeless Ready TR tires provide and sidewall stiffness for downhill applications. The use of liquid sealants in the forces exerted by a high-pressure road tire. The nylon breaker is available in select road tires. We begin with our found under the tread only. Silkworm reliability for the is featured under the tread additional cargo as a breaker denoted as capacity and Silkworm increased speeds electric bikes can offer.

Inside varies in The addition of this thickness and lightweight and supple provides optimal material ensures that ride puncture protection. The butyl insert tires. This densely helps prevent pinch flats, woven fabric is also protects the rim from lightweight and highly hard hits and adds flexible, ensuring that sidewall stability. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.

I find this tire sheds moisture well, is fast-rolling, but also offers good cornering grip. These types bend and flex, of tires must be resulting in a very glued or taped compliant and onto tubular- supple ride. Maxxis tires give me grip I can trust in when touching down. Sealant tube. The puncture protection compatible rubber is used with the familiar Maxxis layer helps prevent damage from dual-ply 60 TPI downhill road debris.

Liquid sealant may construction and butyl be used to prevent any loss of insert for support and rim air pressure. Choose Maxxis protection in order to offer the tubeless ready road tires for the ultimate benefits of increased grip and reliability. By changing the amounts of various components of the rubber formula, engineers can make two identical looking tires perform completely differently. A list of Maxxis compounds and their distinct characteristics is below.

A special low-rebound, high-traction compound used in select mountain tires. The progressively softer shoulder compounds provide increased grip while cornering.

Choose a Triple Compound Maxxis road tire for the ultimate in tire handling in all conditions. Maxx Grip. The Campione is the obvious resistance on race day choice for the traditional road racer. The Campione will to take me safely through that final corner at high speed and let me accelerate toward the finish line. The Relix uses our lightest and rough roads. Worry less about your tires and more about the hole shot! Although two crashes in one race sounds like quite a lot, it was really just the norm on this incredible day.

For over miles, we raced through the rain over the country roads of Pennsylvania and finished with fewer than half of the original starters. Had it not been for my Maxxis tubular tires, I probably would have ended up like so many other racers that day, crashed out over some soggy embankment or grass ditch.

But with my luck, I mash across the finish line first in what can only be described as a torrential downpour and a race to go down in the record books as simply epic.

Raised square-edged center knobs provide climbing and braking traction on moon dust covered trails, and oversized cornering knobs keep you and your gear out of the dirt to conquer another turn. Join the e-Bike revolution and travel the world on the new Re-Volt.

Those tires feel like my secret weapon on a course that is incredibly unpredictable from day to day and where a little extra sidewall protection is needed. Tightly TB 29x2. The legend lives on with the Race TT. The legendary center ridge requirements for most of my races. A great Canada Nationals Championships. In whatever conditions I have to race or ride in, there is always a perfect Maxxis tire for the job. As its name suggests, the Ikon With the Forekaster on your bike, you can stands above the competition.

Choose the Ardent Race for your next demanding XC race or epic trail ride. With this much speed on tap, you have no choice but to take flight with the Griffin. TB 29x2. I like the way the edge feels, how the rubber grips, and how reliable Maxxis tires are. Large, tall and slightly staggered side knobs penetrate loose soil to provide predictable, stable cornering at warp speeds.

Whether it was the downhill, whip-offs, or dual slalom Maxxis had a tire that fit my needs. The Minion rear has to be my favorite, though! This trail has the most exposure and slowest speed of any trail out there. I trusted the Featuring the proven Minion DHF but is optimized for fat biking.

The open tread pattern clears out packed snow to maintain traction, and a special rubber compound stays pliable in freezing conditions. Choose the makes this version ideal for dirt jumping and Torch for your 29er urban assault bike!

Choose your size, choose your style and choose the DTH. I could never imagine putting another tire on my BMX bike. It also adapts to any riding surface.

With Maxxis Tires, fear remains in the dust when traction is solid. Crawler R is made for you. Having ridden Maxxis for the last eight years, I depend on that feeling to ride flat-out and know exactly where the breaking point of traction is. My tire of choice is the Highroller II, across all disciplines.


Neumáticos Maxxis: Ruedas de alto rendimiento a buen precio

MX SilkShield offre protezione da tallone a tallone diversamente dalla protezione Silkworm che si trova solo sotto il battistrada. SilkShield fornisce protezione sui fianchi e pure sotto il battistrada. Le coperture WT sono ottimizzate per cerchi con larghezza interna di 35 mm anche se hanno dimostrato di lavorare bene con cerchi di larghezza interna di mm a seconda delle preferenze del pilota. Uno strato antiforatura aiuta a prevenire danni provocati dai detriti stradali.


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Fenrizragore Vision continually refine, test and innovate in the quest for speed, with industry-leading products throughout the range. Vision aero components lead the way with innovative design and proper fit adjustment. News Jobs Rate Our Service. Types of Maxxis Tires: Vision has lead the way in time trials and triathlon by creating slippery-fast aero products with proper fit adjustment that allow the rider to push their limits in race conditions.


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Vudogor Whether you need tires to race, traverse tough conditions, or ensure a safe commute to work, Maxxis has a set of tires for you. Lunes a Viernes de 9: Customers are bound to find the right tire to fit their budget in our selection of competitively priced Maxxis tires. Maxxis has since expanded, and the company now offers a variety of tires for many different purposes. Experiencia en la industria: Stay Connected Contact Us. The foil layer reflects the sunlight, while the inner and outer bottle create an insulating air barrier. FSA Componentes de bicicleta. Wellgo has over 70 different patents from all over the world which includes functional invention and innovative styles.


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