For 18 long years, the 6-foot tall, tattooed man with cold gray eyes acted as a single-man crime wave. This cold blooded killer , lived with more than a dozen aliases. No one knew anything about him while he lived, no one came close to guessing that all the hundreds of heinous acts were done by a single man until the November of He left his musings with his only known friend Henry Lesser, a 26 year-old jail guard.

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Jul 03, Meredith rated it it was amazing If youve ever wanted to visit the darkest most depraved depths of humanity, this book is for you My sister keeps asking me half-jokingly why anyone, i. I never have an answer, I just laugh it away. Anyhow, this was one hell of a ride. But to be stuck inside their mind, to see and experience life from their perspective, first person, it is Well this is deeply disturbing, incessantly nauseating, and scarring beyond repair.

But to be stuck inside their mind, to see and experience life from their perspective, first person, it is something else. It does things to your brain, your being. It leaves doubting humanity. Within yourself, and the world around you. I enjoyed it very much. Maybe I was scared, as a name after all is meant for confrontation. Maybe addressing him by name acknowledges his humanness, a title I have denied him in the early pages of his life.

The idea that Man has, most certainly, committed horrendous and monstrous atrocities, and so can you. It is very unsettling and beyond terrifying. Along with some cold, sickening humour.

The cherry on top of the cake. One thing I want to talk about here is the death penalty debate. Back when it caught my interest, it made more sense to lean towards the no-death side, morally speaking. Plus the risk was just too high. I thought living the rest of your life in captivity was punishment enough. If this was in a movie, I would roll my eyes.

And if it was somehow a proof that decent, humane treatment can go a long way, then I am floored. Excuse me, while the cynic in me lies on the floor, floored. Based on his writing, the fault was not only his, but the people around him also made him a monster. He was just a little more cruel and vicious than them. I still have faith. I would not recommend this book I hate the whole darned human race "including myself.

All that I leave behind me is smoke, death, desolation and damnation. I am sorry for only two things. These two things are: I am sorry that I have mistreated some few animals in my lifetime and I am sorry that I am unable to murder the whole darned human race.

He travelled the US setting fire to whatever he could, bumming men and boys, and murdering constantly. His disregard for the human race was unparalleled and it was built on a foundation of his own brutal, and constant suffering from a young age, well into his older years. Every school or prison he went to he was treated poorly at least and tortured at worst, and being the type of person to fight back every time, he became the master of fighting back, until he was out to get revenge on the whole world.

The book told of a really gruesome story filled with both abandonment, abuse and terrible living conditions.

These things ruined him as a person, ruined him mentally and physically. He continued to do crimes, not give a crap because it is what he wanted to do. He was actually an extremely oppressed to the point that even the threat of crime, jail and abuse did nothing to detour him from his motives. I can This was a short read, a bit hard due to the way it was written in its original format. I can tell that he was a very lost person, it is hard not to feel bad for him with the way his life went even though the murders were terrible.

If he felt he had enough, it was enough. It was a interesting read, especially if you want to delve into the mind of a person who was ruined by humanity.


Carl Panzram: Autobiography

Carl Panzram felt odd from a young age: by the age of five or six he was a liar and thief and claimed to become meaner the older he grew. In , he was arrested and jailed for being drunk and incorrigible. While there, he was repeatedly beaten, tortured, and raped by staff members in what attendees dubbed "the paint shop", because children would leave "painted" with bruises and blood. He ran away from home at the age of 14, a couple of weeks after his parole and merely two weeks after attempting to kill a Lutheran cleric with a revolver, to become a hobo. He often traveled via train cars.


Carl Panzram


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