Bosal Afrika has been manufacturing and distributing aftermarket exhausts, towbars, catalytic converters and related products since when the first plant was commissioned in Koedoespoort, Pretoria. Since then the Bosal brand has become a household name; well known for the quality and reliability of its products. The Bosal sales staff work closely with a network of national distributors to ensure that aftermarket fitment centres, as well as the vehicle owner, receive excellent delivery, technical and aftersales service. Exhausts Exhaust systems remain a core business unit in the Bosal group.

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Your VIN returned multiple car options. This happens when the VIN lookup software we use does not return specific engine or trim information. The VIN is used to ensure that this part fits your vehicle. Bosal is multinational in scope and has metal processing industrial companies producing semi-finished components for the automotive industry, among other industries. Bosal Oris Germany is headquartered in Markgroningen. Bosal Group is organized into two sectors: automotive exhaust systems and industrial products.

The automotive exhaust systems are both original equipment and aftermarket. Bosal is a supplier of catalytic converters and is the prime manufacturer in Germany.

The automotive sector has 42 manufacturing plants, 27 distribution centers, and more than 5, employees. The industrial sector is involved in the manufacturing of industrial shelving, vehicle cabins, precision piping, agricultural irrigation systems, hot blast stoves for micro turbines, heat exchangers, and natural gas reformers for fuel cells.

The industrial sector has seven manufacturing facilities and more than employees. Bosal Group is a Dutch company that has its base of operations in Lummen, Belgium. The company was formed in in Alkmaar by Dr. Karel Bos. Currently, the Bosal International Group has 49 manufacturing plants and 27 distribution centers worldwide. Bosal is a dominant manufacturer of complete exhaust systems for passenger cars, trucks, and industrial applications; catalytic converters; automatic retractable towbar systems; roof bars; roof racks; OEM wind deflectors for convertibles; jacks; toolkits; more than types of precision steel tubing; vehicle cabins; warehouse rack systems with multi-story use; custom paint; high-load shelving with boltless construction; agricultural above-ground sprinkler irrigation equipment; custom-designed bicycle racks for lighter hybrid vehicles and e-bikes; and energy conversion components.

In North America, Bosal Group designs, develops, and manufactures original equipment exhaust systems for domestic automakers, such as GM and Ford. Bosal Group also provides high-performance exhaust for OEM port of entry and dealer programs.

In North America, Bosal Group initiated the manufacturing of one-piece, direct-fit replacement exhaust systems. For more than 25 years, Bosal Group has remained in the forefront of leadership in the production of direct-fit exhaust systems for import vehicles, and has expanded its products to include direct-fit catalytic converters for both the import and domestic aftermarket.

Warranty claims for Bosal parts will be honored on an exchange basis only. After 30 days eEuroparts. For more details on eEuroparts. Same part, made in the same factory, made with the same tools. The only difference is, often time they will have a separate case to finish, and the part will not be distributed through the dealer network.

In many contracts that OEMs make when signing up to be the OES for a car company, they will include provisions to sell the part under their own name. It works out beneficially for both parties because the car company, such as BMW, wont have to dedicate the in-house resources to physically produce a part, a task that can easily be done elsewhere.

The last bonus is that we are able to buy OEM parts on the aftermarket and pass the savings onto our customers that demand only the best.

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