Oct 11, Katie babs rated it it was ok Lana Rodriguez and her personal assistant Melanie are vacationing in Hawaii. Lana is a semi-famous blues singer who is trying to keep a low profile. Both women decide to do a little surfing and end up taking lessons at the Jason Koa Surf School. The school is run by a former Olympic medalist who has quite the reputation on the island because Lana Rodriguez and her personal assistant Melanie are vacationing in Hawaii. The school is run by a former Olympic medalist who has quite the reputation on the island because of his last name and his superstar status. Lana soon becomes annoyed because Jason is late for their lesson due to some tender loving care he is receiving from one of his students.

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But for Lana Rodriguez who grew up there, the picture-perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars. Until she found it in him. Read an Excerpt Five minutes later, after he was satisfied that Melanie had the basics of paddling, kneeling, positioning herself in a standing position in the center of the board, and falling in the safest way, he suggested that she go and pick out a board from the beginner rack he kept on the beach.

He glanced down over her. He had to admit she had the body of an athlete. She was as used to bearing her body as the female swimmers he knew—as most native Hawaiians, for that matter.

He hated to admit it, but she had excellent reason to be comfortable stripping down in public. She had a jaw-dropping body—strong and supple, but soft and feminine, too. Get up on the board, and show me the basics.

She surprised him by stepping up on the board, however. He stopped her with a hand on her elbow when she started to go lie down on her belly. Despite her frigid nature, her skin felt warm and satiny beneath his appreciative fingers.

What difference does it make? Got a problem with that? Those waves can pound the hell out of you. Without speaking she removed the straw hat and tossed it on the grass. Brown hair with golden highlights spilled around her shoulders. The glasses landed on top of the hat. Exotically tilted hazel eyes studied him coldly through thick, long lashes. He knew those eyes. He knew that face. So did half the population. He dropped his hand.

He watched her as she gracefully came up into a surfing stance. Jason spread his hand on the back of her thigh. Her eyes widened in disbelief. You need to relax more than just your body. Your attitude could use a Hawaiian adjustment as well. Her face was livid with fury. He watched in fascination as her face smoothed into a beautiful mask of impassivity. He stroked her satiny skin ever so lightly, preferring her fury for some reason. Must be turning into a masochist in his old age. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Melanie approaching with a short board under her arm.

He rose slowly until he looked down at her, holding her gaze all the while. He saw the fury return to her expression and smiled insolently.

Onaona, he thought, instinctively using his admittedly primitive knowledge of the Hawaiian language to describe her scent. She even smelled like the islands. His eyes fastened on her lush mouth.

He stepped back, glad for the interruption. He was only too happy to consider something else beside the fact that his cock had just stiffened to a lead pipe as he verbally sparred with a prima dona who clearly had some serious issues. Not his problem. Her voice, face, and body had thrilled many a male before him. Why should it surprise him that Lana Rodriguez was no different? Still, Jason acknowledged he was disappointed. Her voice and bluesy arrangements brought out the pensive, moody side of him—the side he rarely showed others, certainly not in his role as an athlete or as an extroverted businessman in the Hawaiian tourist industry.

He suppressed a frown when he fully registered his thoughts and gave an easy grin instead.


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