See details for description of any imperfections. Be the first to write a review. Speakers Built-in stereo speakers are offered for audio monitoring. A variety of video and audio parameter settings can be accomplished. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

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What am idoing wrong? Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Following the guide, control the camera, using the front panel buttons and dials. Most Popular Question all six video inputs not Cameras. Press the CUT button.

In the top menu, select was-g Manager]. Instead, contact your nearest service center! Menu operations Selecting a menu item Turn the jog roller up or down. This is the selected state. To insert batteries in the keyboard Detach the keyboard from the main unit. As you enter text, it appears in a pink and black dotted frame.

Configuring the Network Settings With the network environment set up, make the network settings for this unit. Shadow — Normal Shadow — Blur Changing the shadow angle Click the selection tool, and select the object with the shadow page Page Caution There may be a delay until the file opens.

Saving And Manuwl Various Settings Setting the lower third position Selecting an object and then clicking the lower third memory tool sets the lowest Click the Move to front tool. Speaking on the Intercom System Connect the external intercom system. This imports the logo amnual. The color of the text becomes PFL Pre-Fader Listen Talk back TB An output signal format which To pass along instructions, for Monitoring audio before level adjustments with the audio displays pictures by using the example from a director.

In addition, after connecting each device, you must configure settings on the unit for each input and output signal. About This Unit The current settings aws-b in the effect display. Working On Line Objects Working on Line Objects This section describes how to create a line object, and then change the line style or color. Table of Contents Usage Notes Shorter cables are recommended because, in general, Registering Cue-up Points Caution If the version of the software used to record the file is prior to 1.

Adjusting the Output Using the Oscillator Signal This is for setting the output oscillator signal for use during adjustment. When the formatting ends, the following message appears. Page Select the file or sheet, and confirm.

Standard checkbox operations Click a checkbox to insert or remove the check mark. Click one of the line style selection buttons on the Color tab of the [Line] tab.

If this is not successful, make a note of the displayed message number, and consult your dealer or your Sony service representative. The cue-up point is deleted.

Creates a new sheet as a copy of the currently open sheet object. Setting the Streaming Output Path If multiple encoders connect to the streaming server, enter the path for identification.

Select [Delete], and confirm. Move the cursor to the end. Refer to the pages indicated for details of how to make connections. Using the keyboard away from the unit You can use the keyboard away from the unit. Importing Various Settings Data Note You can also reset the camera by holding down the Shift button and pressing the numeric 0 button The current settings appear in the effect display.

Using the Intercom Function Connecting an mabual intercom system requires a connection operation by the customer. Related Posts


SONY - AWS-G500 Anycast station - Live content producer

For example, during a lecture relay, you can store settings for standard shots, such as a speaker close-up, speaker full-body shot, guest panel, or audience view, simplifying the work of switching among these views. Press the NEXT selection button of the source viewer displaying the hard disk number. Page 83 Basic operation for a wipe transition The basic procedure for a wipe transition is as follows. Move the cursor to the end.



Aaws does this price mean? It mixes audio and offers ME capabilities. Speakers Built-in stereo speakers are offered for audio monitoring. You may also like. This unit will easily integrate into a studio or location live production operation. Reviews 0 Write a review uruezxcxrefcvft. Switcher Display Program and Preview are the main video displays along with thumbnails of the inputs, effect and DSK transition durations and the guide for cameras parameters.



Pressing an access button calls up the control menus of the associated input to the LCD screen. A variety of video and audio parameter settings can be made. On the large LCD screen, there are two windows for monitoring the program and preview outputs, together with seven windows to view each individual input source plus one internal still picture source, eliminating the need for many picture monitors. These factors make the Anycast Station system a powerful device for producing live events, virtually anywhere and with a minimum production crew. Despite its compact design, each function of the Anycast Station system provides uncompromising power and quality. Effect and DSK transition durations are also displayed.

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