Installation Before you Begin 1. Before you begin, make sure that power to all the devices you will be connecting up have been turned off. You must unplug the power cords of any computers that have the Keyboard Power On function. Otherwise, the switch will receive power from the computer. To prevent damage to your installation due to ground potential difference, make sure that all devices on the installation are properly grounded.

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First remove the stacking brackets by unscrewing them from the unit, as shown in the diagram below: 2. Next screw the mounting brackets into the sides of the unit, as shown in the diagram below Page Single Stage Installation Chapter 2.

Hardware Setup Single Stage Installation In a single stage installation, there are no additional switches cascaded down from the first unit. To set up a single stage installation do the following: 1. Page 19 Chapter 2. With a three stage setup, as many as computers can be controlled in a complete installation. A table showing the relation between the number of computers and the number of Master View units needed to control them is provided on page Page 21 Chapter 2.

Page Basic Operation Basic Operation Hot Plugging The CSA supports hot plugging - components can be removed and added back into the installation by unplugging their cables from the ports without the need to shut the unit down.

In order for hot plugging to work properly, Shut down all the computers that are attached to the unit. If there are Master View stations cascaded down from it, all the cascaded stations and the computers attached to them must be shut down, as well. Page Port Selection Chapter 3. You can directly access any computer on any level of the installation by specifying the Port ID of the KVM port that the computer is connected to — To pop up the Main Screen, tap the [Scroll Lock] key twice.

Page Osd Navigation Chapter 4. If there are more entries than appear on the screen, the screen will scroll. To move up or down through the list one screen at a time, use the [Pg Up] and [Pg Dn] keys.

For example, you can: rapidly switch to any port; scan selected ports only; limit the list you wish to view; designate a port as a Quick View Port; create or edit a port name; or make OSD setting adjustments. Page F2: List Chapter 4. Many of the OSD functions only operate on the computers currently selected for Listing on the Main Screen with this function. A separate profile for each is stored by the OSD and is activated according to the Username that was provided during Login.


CS-88A von ATEN

Before the development of the Master View, the only way to control multiple computer configurations from a single console was through a complex and costly network. Now, with the Master View CS88A, you can easily access multiple computers in a cost effective manner. Since units can be cascaded to three levels, in a full three stage installation up to 73 CS88A Master Views can control up to computers - all from a single console. Setup is fast and easy; plugging cables into their appropriate ports is all that is entailed.


ATEN Technology CS-88A User Manual


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