Gardagar And which is not on the upper side or on the lower side. When if you be willing to proceed further than for the completion of perfection as such f attributes and secrets which are available with you. These things are becoming the creator of the mankind. Israr e Haqiqi It means he should not have knowledge of the unrelated and he should take away each and every kind of desire and each and every kind of fear from his heart. Guftagu 4 Read more.

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Tale He was arrived in Delhi many times and he was left from there but he was settled down in the city of Ajmare only. There is wisdom in this that the rich and wealthy person in the pretext of Zakat to help the poor and pauper persons. At that time his calm will become no calm and his comfort will become discomfort. Once he was determined firmly that he will not take any thing of the credit. That person is very big un-wise one who will not reach to these facts.

So the result which was found in this matter is that such people are in reality are an infidel and are misleading people. Trivia About Israr e Haqiqi. Due to his trust, there was good result was there that there was found of one bread with butter mixed in dough from his prayer mat daily basis and that bread was sufficient enough for his members of the family and household persons.

Umar believe it that the house of Kaaba is the heart of the human beings. One is the heart of majazi worldly and other is haqiqi real. Guftagu 26 Read more.

Then I have thought over the following verse of the holy Quran. So for the persons of Haq truth it should be compulsory for them in connection with Allah. As because the prophet of Allah was always engaged in the worship and servitude in the condition of prostration.

After that, I have thought over the following verse of the Quran and its meaning and its translation and interpretation are as follows. This translation of the most ancient and celebrated Persian book on Sufism will, I hope, be found useful not only for the number of students familiar with the subject at first hand but also by many readers.

Related Products Mehr-e-Muneer Read more. Muhammad Adnan marked it as to-read Dec 10, Due to this reason, the spiritual patient 32 will get spiritual recovery completely and he will become Arif person one having an intimate knowledge of Allah. Israr e Haqiqi And no other person could not able to know it. Imdad us Sulook Read more.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. Umar the example of the prophets is like that of doctors. One who will leave lust and desire and who will get the set sights on aim in this matter. Umar, Salikan mystic of the way are divided into four groups and in those groups as per status and the ability of innermost and there is a difference among them which will be like the sky and earth.

But in such worldly fasting, there is no leave out of the unrelated and all dangerous of sensual and human have become obstacles and which are find in this matter. Umar the remembrance of Khafi hidden and the real prayers are caused of the leaving of the existence. Tariqa Islah Read more. Guftagu 7 Read more. Umar which is not at the right side or left a side.

In the book at this place, there is one Persian couplet is available there and its meaning and interpretation are as follows. And in every disappointment, there is the intention. Till it should be that manifest and innermost should be both become clean and pure in 30 the same manner and the heart which should be near with attributes of Allah. When there will be such situation then he will meet the friend and he will become alive for r. In the heart everything are haqqi away except Allah then one haiqqi able to get aim or purpose in this matter.

First is this upon looking the mankind carefully then he was able to know that every person was established his lover or beloved something or other. Due to this reason, their approach is limited and will be up to the sensual angelic world. And entering of Allah in the heart of the person is haqiiq pilgrimage of the heart and so it is called real Hajj. Hazrat Rabia Basri Read more. Imam Zain al- Abidin With the people Tariqat Mystic way from the total amount of Dinars they should keep with themselves 5 Dinars and remaining Dinars should be given for the payment of Zakat tax and which is compulsory for them.

Aqeel Akram rated it really liked it Jan 01, sarar It is part of the trusted persons of Allah and who are always are drowned in the presence of Allah. Umar the prophets and holy people always used to be engaged in the invocation of Khafi hidden. It means Allah has created the human beings asgar his face.

It should be clear in this matter that the aim is pain and grief whether there will be the love of Majazi worldly or Haqiqi real. Because loud and cry and action of wailing will be there and it will be attached to that person till there will be no meeting of the matlub the friend available to him.

And for this reason, he can see in them his aim. So one should do negation of it. And others will say that it is not required doing worship by them. Then he can see Him and listen to Him. Due to his grace, many thousand infidels and polytheist accepted the religion of Islam in India first time there. As such saying the phrase in doubt 16 which is an act of infidelity and as well it an act of infidelity and disbelief person.

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Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti (Urdu)

Zolonos Also Zakat is obligatory for the wise and adult person only and it is not obligatory for the mad and minor persons. First is this upon looking the mankind carefully then he was able to know that every person was established his lover or beloved something or other. The grocery owner perhaps thought that the Sheikh was angry with him in this matter so he has sent his wife to his house 11 that why he did not take goods from grocery shop on haqiql credit basis. Makalat e Hikmet Read more. So one who not say Islamic creed then he will not able to get identification asrae Allah. Then I have thought over on the following verse of the Quran in which aerar is mentioned: Ghulam Raza rated it it was amazing Sep 09, And which is not right.


Asrar-e-Haqiqi / اسرار حقیقی



Israr E Haqiqi




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