Alternatively, you can use the to transfer large files, or an entire PC drive to your home or business computer, thanks to the high-speed USB 2. This is, however, an investment we believe is worth making, as it practically doubles the functionality of the device. Video is viewed on the crisp screen, which boasts some 16 million colours. The onscreen menu is split into video, music, photo, audiocorder and recording folders, which makes finding a particular snap, movie or tune very easy. The connects to a PC or Mac via a USB port and works like any external hard drive - by simply dragging and dropping the required file where you want it stored. Picture quality varies depending on the codec used, but we found that the performed impeccably.

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Simple operation, media player or itunes, even podcasts with the archos plug in. The stand up leather case which was an additional purchase, is made very high quality and protects the unit with easy access to any controls.

I have an Ipod too, but it is no match for the Archos The only improvements I could see possible would be a larger capacity battery which is available at an additional cost. All said and done if I were to upgrade again it will definitely be another Archos. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write a review. Archos 80 GB, works great. Had no problems with working with my DVR. It had captured my favorite shows with no problem by using the Archos DVR station.

After fifteen to sixteen episodes, I had 20 to 21 GB left over, which I had thought was awsome. A lot more hours compared to the 30 GB Archos. Its a video player, video recorder, MP3 player and picture viewer all in one, which is nice. I wish I could get another one down the road.

I had bought this used, and it works just great with no problem. Oh by the way the seller was an excellent seller as well. I got the whole kit!. MAN i even recorded people at there work.. BAM instant jump for me. I managed to get the AV gb. I loved it so much i bought another one for my living room.

They got me hooked. I now purchased the AV So hes going into my media room so i can watch my videos when my pC busy doing stuff. Fantastic products. Easy to use out of the box. I use it as a way to back-up and display photos and videos taken with my digital camera.

It is like a super "digital Fame", but why only display photos when you can also play short videos with audio. Grandma uses it to show off her grand children to her friends. It looks like a USB drive to your computer so a side benefit is that it becomes back-up in case your computer crashes. You never have to worry about losing your photos again. Since the main application for this product is to download and watch movies which is a large market you get a lot for a relatively low cost.


The Archos 504: Up to 160GB of Music, Videos, and Photos

Its bright, 4. The high-resolution photo viewer helps you create slideshows using zoom, music, and transition effects. The supports all your favorite music and video formats, and offers handy features like video editing and bookmarking, so you can customize your videos without your computer. The also helps you stay on top of your day with a built-in microphone so you can make voice memos, or record business meetings, workshops, and lectures. The on-board PDF reader lets you take key documents with you to share with clients, or enjoy an e-book. With a aspect ratio, watch movies without the annoying black bars.




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