Product Arbortext Editor PTC Arbortext Editor enables you to deliver high quality product and service information through the creation of reusable, structured content Key Information Arbortext Editor - take the leap to the next level of collaborative authoring. Previously named Arbortext Epic Editor, this is the industry-leading software used globally for working with structured content. It enables your authoring teams to collaborate on large or complex documentation projects that need to be disseminated in multiple forms. Multi-channel, multi lingual product and service information delivery from a single source Structured authoring with PTC Arbortext Editor enables your authoring teams to create and edit XML and SGML content for easy reuse enterprise wide. Your teams can easily create content that enables multiple delivery of information as: interactive service procedures operator and service manuals catalogues and product training materials.

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Sign up today And get the first two chapters of Arbortext for free, delivered right in your email box. Read the book but wonder if you set everything up right? Want someone to check your work?

Get an Arbortext checkup! Book an Implementation Audit with the author! An implementation audit is the best way to get your questions answered because you control the duration and the cost. This book is very easy to read but even better for me as a reference. The info on custom directory was worth the price of the book for me.

McGinnis Thanks, Liz! I purchased your book and am reading it! Thanks for all you do and responding! Darryl I worked through the book and needed that little extra help to do what we needed.

Not only was Arbortext a step-by-step instruction manual, it was also easily understood. A book like this has been needed for many years by the Arbortext community. The best practices shown here will result in a very clean, manageable Arbortext configuration.

Fraley has created an invaluable resource for consultants, evaluators, and implementors of Arbortext Editor. Having the opportunity to do one-on-one training, with a very knowledgeable instructor is great. Together we worked on my strengths and weaknesses and I got the exact training I needed.

I will definitely use this one-on-one time in the future. Bob About the Author Elizabeth Fraley For years, Elizabeth Fraley has worked with clients guiding them through the getting started process with Arbortext, enabling them to be efficient content creators. This book builds on her consulting services and training at Single-Sourcing Solutions, a company she started in She is an active member in the Arbortext community and related XML information development communities.


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