Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. When he finds out his mate is already married, he sets up a grand scheme to try and convince her to leave her husband. Suzanne Wright Narrated by: This was the first book in the series to have alreasy make not two for the woman. It was a brilliant read that not only held my attention but also further developed her world of the shifters.

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Eyeing the sheer drop, laced in darkness due to the late hour, she could too easily picture the several hundred feet of empty space, a scary chasm, bordered by ragged cliffs that funneled into the raging river below.

Jiao bit her lip. What if I hit a rock? Or get eaten by a fish? A distinct possibility given the way her heart pounded, her palms sweated and her stomach roiled. Are you done making up excuses? The guards will be making their sweep in less than four minutes. But still… Suicide versus scrubbing the communal bathroom on her knees? Tough choice. That includes drowning, no matter how crazy you make me.

And we will escape. Or would you prefer the alternative? There are worse punishments even than death. Taking a deep breath, Jiao stepped onto the thick stone parapet. The wind tugged at her, whipping strands of her hair free from her ponytail. I might need to use your meatier frame to save me from a hungry fish.

Will we survive the fall? Did it matter? Sheng was right. Now or never. The opportunity might never present itself again. Freedom awaited if she could locate her courage — hiding really deep inside, underneath the panic and fear. All she had to do was leap. How bad could the plunge be? Before she could take a deep breath and prime herself to jump, the scuff of footsteps broke the stillness of the night. Oh no! The guards arrived, earlier than scheduled.

Forget counting down, or having second thoughts. Sheng lunged forward, legs pedaling, one arm outstretched as if he meant to grasp freedom. Tethered by the hand, Sheng yanked Jiao after him. The cool air whistled by her ears, but did nothing to slow her fall.

Nor did she miraculously sprout wings. Or reverse the law of gravity despite her fervent wish. As for Superman? He was probably busy saving Lois Lane again. The impact when she hit the river stalled her rapidly beating heart and she lost her grip on Sheng. Closing her mouth and eyes against the water trying to rush in and fill her orifices, she kicked until her head broke the surface and she drew in a gasping lungful of air.


Already Freakn' Mated

Would she think him presumptuous if he pinned her against a wall and devoured her luscious lips? Or even better, dropped to his knees and worshipped her with his tongue. Or… Damn, the list of things he wanted to do went on and on. Best to find out her name now so he knew what to yell later when he got her into bed. Girls really hated it when you called them by the wrong name. Some guys opted for come-on lines.




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