In this 5. Review Aiwa electronic engineering is always a pleasure to work with, because their designs generally tend to be more thoughtful for the service industry. This wonderful amp even has a large hatch on the base chassis providing access to the main board; hence, I did not have to take it apart during servicing thereby saving time. The audio power output stage consists of a complimentary pair of transistors FN and FP by the Sanken Corporation. Discrete transistor class-b complementary symmetry power amplifiers are very common; however, the secret ingredient that makes this one sound better is in the digital signal processor DSP. The T-Bass, which reintroduces a very subtle low-level bass into the music is outstanding.

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Check that the rated voltage matches your local voltage. Then connect the AC cord at the end. Front speakers Center speaker Position in the center of the two front speakers. In addition, position on or below the TV set, if connecting a TV set to the unit. Page 7 - Other remote controls are used nearby those of television, etc.

For more details, refer to the operating instructions of the CD player. To play, press the button. Operation is possible after four seconds. The selected function indicator lights up in red and the others in green. The vc lume level is shown on the display for four seconds. It can be adjusted between O and MAX It flashes when being set over the level There are four modes with Ipresence matching graphic equalization modes.

Equalization modes are selected automatically and can also be selected or turned off to suit yolur preference. The selected function indicator flashes in red.

When a DVD player that contains a Dolby Digital decoder is connected to the receiver, you can enjoy theater-quality audio right in your home when Iplaying discs recorded in Dolby Digital Surround. The display changes to frequency indications after indicating band and video source VI, V2 or V3 for two seconds. When a station is stored, a preset number is assigned to the station. Use the preset number to tune in to a preset station directly. It is recommended that the optional Aiwa speakers should be used for all channels, for example, the SX-AVR speaker system.

Check your current type and placement of the speakers and select the recommended Dolby Pro Logic mode accordingly. Set the time as follows whila the power is off. The display becomes a little brighter. To clean the cabinet Llse soft dry cloth. If the surfaces are extremely dirty, use a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild detergent solution.


Aiwa AV-D55 Operating Instructions Manual


AT89S51 24AC PDF

Aiwa AV-D58 Operating Instructions Manual


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