When she saw that familiar character, she faintly smiled. Prepare to die! What exactly were you reading!? Lele is going to ignore you! ThornyRose facepalmed, wanting to die.

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When she saw that familiar character, she faintly smiled. Prepare to die! What exactly were you reading!? Lele is going to ignore you! ThornyRose facepalmed, wanting to die. Ace, an ace lowlife is more like it. You cheer squad can get out of here! She looked to the nearby SpyingBlade who had his arms crossed, eyes close, and was resting.

Hints of resentment surface on her face. The Three Brothers are all superior to her in duels. FrozenBlood is a well known black-bellied goddess. Although they often mess around, but their strength is off the charts. The first round was the Giant Blade Warrior that stunned everyone with his three consecutive kills and his frightening tower killing ability.

All three of them are offensive type athletes. The one I have my eye on though, is that little girl that has yet to display her abilities. Have you noticed? Last time she went up, she was very effective, yet very low-key. This was from last round where she played bottom lane with ElegantFragrance. This round full of grudges, how will it play out? SpyingBlade leapt onto the stage and looked at the Falling Star members with crossed arms.

The scarlet red glow of his eyes was clearly visible. Has Falling Star actually fallen to the point where you can be first? The dark energy around his body began to pervade the air.

His silhouette became somewhat hazy and indistinct. The black smoke then condensed behind her and he struck. He slashed, and the shadow he left behind also slashed in the same way.

Moreover, both him and the shadow were followed by an afterimage. It was hard to tell which was real. All six of them simultaneously launched separate attacks. All of them were followed by an afterimage. Six attacks would be followed by another six. A fierce qi swept outwards, dissipating all the shadows. She already knew that physical attacks were ineffective against the shadows!

After her qi attack, she suddenly looked to SpyingBlade, who stood at the edge of the arena as if he had never moved. She made an angry and reluctant expression. She shouted out in a cute voice and activated her final Ultimate. She lowered her body and began channeling strength. That girl had become completely irrational. He reached out and snapped. Six shadows suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and charged. Six shadows stabbed through the channelling CompassionateDream.

Six afterimages followed up and stabbed through her. These six shadow became a storm of shadow blades, engulfing CompassionateDream.


In the Company of Shadows (ICoS)

Gardalrajas Hsin has to deal with a lot of things: View all 78 comments. OMG, I wanted to kill myself again. My love affair continues with comlany outrageously engaging series. Seeing Sin in therapy and finally getting the help he needs was great, but really hard to read. Other than that this book was gooood.


Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 347: Berserk Shadow

View all 30 comments. All of those stars in the sky. We are working our way through the series, editing and revising it, while splitting each book into two volumes. These things remained unanswered and I like that, it leaves it for the reader to decide. My reviews are posted on Dirty Aos Obsession How he made some very hard decisions, to help others.



His olive skin, deep green eyes and his killer mouth! To see him completely falling apart with no one he felt he could turn to. Add to that the fact that he is very unwell and the people that should be helping are either completely unprofessional Ann or just have absolutely no idea how to communicate properly with him Carhart and we witness him go through terrible bouts of depression, fear and loneliness. Still had to skim at some parts — only to go back and reread them to wring as much enjoyment out of this series as possible — because, GEEZ, this thing is epically long. This is a first for me in my reading life. And a heart felt thanks to Sarasaya and KateMc for the support and comic relief while reading this.

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