I came at this book years ago and then put it down because the diagnosis of my son was new and I was hoping for answers. My thoughts? There are better books out there to explain autism. There are also more interesting personal stories.

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Stephen: The Eccentric Entomologist 2. Justin: Listening to the Architecture of the World 4. Zachary: An Obsession with Death 5. Sharon: Seeing Other Minds Darkly 6. William: A World without Metaphor 7. Teddy: Asynchronous Time, Asynchronous Development 8. Trevor: Mobiles and ""Miracles"" Ernest: The View from the Bridge Frankie: Learning and Forgetting at School Sophie: Acceptance without Resignation Bibliography or Resources show more Review Text "We are far from having a complete understanding of autism and Asperger syndrome, but Dr.

Peter Szatmari has done an unsurpassed job of shedding light on how children with these disorders feel and act. The cases he recounts in this book touch on many different aspects of autism, including both the numerous problems that children and their families face and the successes they can achieve.

The book also bears witness to the courage and perseverance of parents who, all too frequently, must struggle to find appropriate support from clinicians and educators.

An enlightening and welcome resource for many, many families, and one that should also be read by all professionals in the field. Szatmari explores and describes the world as perceived by people with autism to explain their unusual behaviour and abilities, and discusses scientific theories and current therapies as well as causes and prognosis.

The book is written objectively and engagingly, with literary skill and a sense of optimism that will be particularly appealing to parents.

Szatmari clearly appreciates and admires the minds of children with autism, and is able to explain those minds to parents while providing realistic advice on remedial strategies. A clinician, scientist, and keen observer of human nature, Dr. Szatmari weaves a deeply empathic and comprehensive account of autism and related disabilities. The stories he recounts illuminate the daily challenges and triumphs that children experience, while revealing his passion for discovery and healing.

The result is extraordinarily rewarding reading for families affected by autism and for the professionals who serve them. In close and personal detail, Dr. Szatmari describes the struggles of families to understand their children and to understand how they themselves are changed by their children.

At the same time, the book brings to life key principles in our scientific understanding of these disorders. This brilliant work should be read by all parents and all clinicians involved in helping children with autism and AS.



Goltisar About Peter Szatmari Peter Szatmari, MD, has been working with children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders and their families for over 20 years, and has consulted to government agencies in the U. All of this is dealt with a healthy dose of skepticism, which is core to the scientific method. Dec 08, Aaron rated it really liked it Shelves: The intermixing of real life stories and information is helpful. What does it mean when a nine-year-old asks questions about death hundreds of times a day? Not applicable to journal renewals.


A Mind Apart : Understanding Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Kat In this compassionate book, leading autism authority Dr. Sally, Ann, and Danny: You will receive the larger discount available for each item. Sanfordgrant rated it really liked it Aug 22, There are better books out there to explain autism. Accepting the Enigma, Moving Beyond the Cause 9. What makes Biblio different? Acceptance without Resignation Bibliography prter Resources show more. Not applicable to journal renewals.

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