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Use the Cisco questions and answers to practice for your next Cisco certification exam. Advanced practice questions and answers help drive the information into your routine thinking and surpass brain dumps in retention and skill building.

Cisco exam answers and practice questions can be used at home or office, installable on up to two PCs, or print the questions and answers to take with you and train on-the-go! Cisco preparation tools are the perfect fit for any Cisco certification candidate with training materials for every level of entry. Exam Engine Features Control your IT training process by customizing your practice certification questions and answers.

The fastest and best way to train. Which of the following statements is true? An error will result because a router cannot be configured with an EIGRP variance of 3 because the maximum variance number is 2. EIGRP will only advertise routes that are within three hops of the current router. The best three routes with equal cost paths will end up in the routing table.

The successor route will be any route with three times the value of the advertised distance. What type of attack is being defended against? Snooping attack B. Rogue device attack C. STP attack D. VLAN attack E. Spoofing attack F. MAC flooding attack G. The switch maintains these in its own database. MAC spoofing attacks consist of malicious clients generating traffic by using MAC addresses that do not belong to them.

Question 3: Which of the following is a valid representation of the following IPv6 address: abcab? Choose the answer with the least number of digits. Choose two A. The network was originated via redistribution of an interior gateway protocol into BGP. The network was defined by a static route. The network was learned via IBGP. The network was learned via EBGP.

The network was originated via a network or aggregate command. What does a next hop of 0. A network in the BGP table with a next hop address of 0. Choose all that apply. Cisco proprietary B. Standards-based protocol C. Provides separate services for authentication, authorization, and accounting D. Encrypts only the password E. Uses UDP for a transport layer F. Extranet VPN B. Managed overlay VPN topology C.

Hub-and-spoke VPN topology D. Central-site VPN topology E. Full mesh VPN topology F. Filter unneeded BGP routes. Run BGP on a different platform that already has more memory. Upgrade the router memory. Increase the BGP update timer. Compress the BGP table. Use a default route instead of maintaining a full BGP table.

All network links are FastEthernet. Although there is complete connectivity throughout the network, Front Line users have been complaining that they experience slower network performance when accessing the server farm than the Reception office experiences.

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? Select two A. Disabling the Spanning Tree Protocol would improve network performance. Changing the bridge priority of S3 to would improve network performance. Changing the bridge priority of S1 to would improve network performance. Changing the bridge priority of S2 to would improve network performance. Upgrading the link between S2 and S3 to Gigabit Ethernet would improve performance. Answer: B,C Explanation: An algorithm is a formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem.

Algorithms rely on a set of rules. They have a clear beginning and end. The spanning-tree algorithm is no exception. The spanning-tree algorithm is defined in the IEEE The parameters used by the algorithm, including the Bridge ID, are explored here. The spanning-tree algorithm characterizes STP. The spanning-tree Algorithm relies on a set of parameters to make decisions. The first is a 2-byte decimal number called the Bridge Priority, and the second is a 6-byte hexadecimal MAC address.

The Bridge Priority is a decimal number used to measure the preference of a bridge in the spanning-tree Algorithm. The possible values range between 0 and 65, The default setting is 32, For example, Catalyst switches each have a pool of MAC addresses assigned to the supervisor module or backplane for this purpose.

Question 9: Which of the following are considered common elements found in a set of network documents? Building schematic B. IGP community elements C. Listing of interconnections D. Physical topology diagram E. Logical topology diagram F. Based on the "debug standby" output in the exhibit, which HSRP statement is true? TestKing5 is the active router because the standby timer has been incorrectly configured.

TestKing5 is the active router and is advertising the virtual IP address As we can see from the exhibit, the neighbor discovery timer has expired and the standby router is unknown. Question Which of the following are valid methods of providing a router with information concerning the location of the RP?

Statically defined RP B. Auto-RP D. RP Helios F. What could be the cause of this? IEEE Misconfigured NIC D. User configuration E. All of the above Answer: A Explanation: The To resolve this issue, the Note: The show port command is used to display port status and counters.

Giants denote the number of received giant frames frames that exceed the maximum IEEE The transmitted signal from the AP arrives at the client at slightly different times resulting in phase shifting. Multipath interference can be solved by using dual antennas. If signal 2 is close to degrees out of phase with signal 1, the result is essentially zero signal or a dead spot in the WLAN.

Multipath interference is less of an issue when using a DSSS technology because multipath is frequency selective. If signal 1 is in phase with signal 2, the result is essentially zero signal or a dead spot in the WLAN. None of the other alternatives apply. When a radio frequency RF signal is transmitted towards the receiver, the general behavior of the RF signal is to grow wider as it is transmitted further.

On its way, the RF signal encounters objects that reflect, refract, diffract or interfere with the signal.


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